Aug 8, 2011

The End of Summer

Although it will be hot down here until October at least, the official summer season is coming to an end.  Now, I know everyone has had a real tough time with this ungodly heat, with good reason.  However, every time I catch myself on the verge of complaint, I imagine February and a life lived indoors.
So I am celebrating instead!  Celebrating the lush, verdant overgrowth of August and the cicada lullaby.

I am celebrating the humidity which makes my skin supple and peachy, and the strong sun which dries my chlorinated hair and makes my zinnias bloom.  Burgers on the grill, okra and tomatoes on my plate, heat lightning and lightning bugs, feet in the lake.  Once that crispness in the air hits, all become a memory.

I am celebrating with pimento cheese on saltines, and ice cold cokes in glass bottles, eaten in the shade after stripping off my worn gardening gloves with a mountainous pile of weeds beside me.

And by going inside to a cool bath, fans, and deliciously cold AC, of course. . .


  1. As am I...

    Congratulations on the big news, btw! I just saw! :)

  2. We just moved to TN from Texas...and I think I'm now afraid of what Feb will bring. I've never seen a real winter before - in Houston it only lasted 2 weeks and if things got into the 30's we thought the world was ending.

  3. All things I love about summer! Now, I may have to hit the grocery for some pimento cheese and a bottled coke. Yes, even though it's hot as blue blazes, we shouldn't wish summer away. Before we know it, the freezing temps will be upon us. Long live summer!

  4. Ooo, your pimento cheese - so yummy! I'll have to remember to make that again this football season for a tailgate. It was a hit last season.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the summer and the good things it has to offer instead of dwelling on the heat. I'm trying to do the same (but not always succeeding). Hope your August (birthday month!) is wonderful!

  5. I'm not relinquishing my dream of sitting beside you with feet in said lake, eating pictured pimento cheese, and gabbing the day away! All the better that an adorable towheaded one would be with us next summer :-). xoxoxoxo.

  6. Very happy for you and your news! I've been a follower for a while and recently deleted my old blog to start a new one. I thought of you this morning while writing my blogpost- Banana Republic has a new Mad Men collection! So exciting!

  7. Love, love, love pimento cheese!

  8. i am dying for some of that pimento cheese


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