Sep 10, 2012

Game Day Ruminations

 I was rifling through pictures of games past, and laughing at the changes we have all experienced, thinking back to growing up with the characters and the trouble we got ourselves in.  Hubs is in for such a rude awakening when Miss Priss gets to high school, and goes wild.  Hopefully, she will take after her father and not exhibit such behavior. . .

I was sitting around with old friends this weekend watching the UT game.  Now these guys are dads, and professionals, and adults.  In my mind we are still sixteen, plotting how to get beer and what field we can throw parties in.  Instead, we are sipping beers at the country club, since it has free babysitting during the games, and talking about real estate deals.  Law!  We are getting old! I have no idea when this happened.  I still feel like I am playing grownup when I tell the babysitter when we'll be home.
Thanks to this munchkin, I don't think I will get down to Athens for a game for the second year in a row. And I fell asleep at halftime of the Georgia game!  Although, this might mean that I am excellent luck for the Dawgs while asleep, since the second half was awesome. 

Anyway, just experiencing that stunned feeling that comes when you realize how quickly time passes the older you become.

Now I have the Circle of Life in my head.  Thanks, Elton.


  1. Boo to you with your second half sleeping luck! My poor MU Tigers did not fare so well in their SEC debut game. Maybe I'll have to start sleeping through the games too! Oh, a nap sounds glorious right now!

  2. I know right? It happens so fast by golly. My babysitter asked when I graduated from Auburn and I swear she did a double take when I said '01. Yes darling that means I'm old :) Still fun, but old!

  3. Love your dresses! That little girl of yours steals my heart every time I see her!


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