Sep 20, 2012

Pea Soup

That's what my brain still feels like.

I threw a cocktail party Friday night, anticipating it would last from 7ish until around 9. It was a successful shindig (more to come on that!), and lasted far longer (which is lovely, I'm not complaining here!).  Miss Priss was a lovely hostess, and slept soundly in her crib throughout the entire party.  I collapsed into my red iron bed after midnight, while Hubs finished cleaning up the bar area.  Just as I entered the deep, dreamless slumber of a satisfied hostess, Miss Priss decided to wake up.  And then decided to have a temper tantrum for a couple hours when I informed her that the party was over, and sent her back to bed.

But, lack of sleep notwithstanding, I woke up with some pep in my step.  As soon as I got packed, cleaned up the house, wrote extensive notes for the babysitter, wished Hubs good luck with both the Big Orange game and fatherly duties, I hit the road for Atlanta to see this beautiful lady tie the knot.

Kara, sorry for the blurry picture ripped off facebook. I was too busy socializing to remember to take out my camera.  Having a child has made me completely lose my mind, I swear.  Kara's dad was giving a sweet  toast, and talked about how he felt when his little girl was born.  Margaret looked on in amused amazement as big tears rolled down my cheeks and I blubbered about Dell Harper's wedding day someday.  Law, I probably should have cut myself off from the white wine then!

Anyway, my histrionics aside, the wedding was so beautiful.  It was at Serenbe- have you been? I am dying to go there and eat now, since the wedding food was so delicious.  I had two plates, plus nibbles off a friend's.  She was not eating her fried chicken fast enough, and I was forced to remedy the situation.  After that I did a little dancing, had some more wine, visited with old friends, had some more wine, told people in detail how much I love nursing because it allows me to eat lots of cookies, and then had some more wine.  Lovely!

So more social activity, heel wearing, and white wine consumption in one weekend than I've had in months has led to pea soup of the brain.  I can't wait for it to clear, because I have recipes from the party, and an excellent late summer supper to share with y'all!

Back to hydration!


  1. I feel you. I had supper club last night. SS decided to try to join the party SEVERAL times. At least DH waited until after the festivities to fuss!

  2. OMG, love that our wedding is featured on S&S! What an honor :) We're so glad you could be there to celebrate with us. Sorry about the pea soup brain, but you know what happens at these unofficial UGA reunions! Can't wait to see you next month. xoxo

  3. Ha! I've decided after my wild night last weekend I can only do that about once a year. Pitiful, but I just can't hang any more. Well worth the 3 day hangover though btw :)


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