Nov 1, 2012


One of the things I love about the blog is the ability to look back at what I was doing at any given time.  Apparently I did not celebrate Halloween in 2009.

Halloween 2010  was Creamy White Chicken Chili (YUM!) and a dearth of trick or treaters

Halloween 2011 was Pregnant Betty Draper.

Halloween 2012?

Sheer cuteness all around.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween!  I'm sure it was better than Buddy's.  He was not into his super awesome mane at all.

Very disappointing Buddy.


  1. Twinkling ovaries. ROAR, so cute.

  2. DH makes such an adorable lion! My little O was a lion also!

  3. ahh- love the bow on the lion costume!
    my little man was a lion, too:)

  4. Love the lion costume! I so agree about blogs as a record of life. It's always fun to glance back and see what you were doing/thinking etc.

  5. Seriously! Freaking adorable. Both of them. Your Preggers Betty was one for the history books!

  6. Oh, Dell Harper, you are too stinking cute! And boo to Buddy for not playing along. My dogs also do NOT love Halloween. :)


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