Jan 21, 2013

Checking In and Some Guilty Pleasure

Hello, lovely readers!  If you are still there. . . I have been avoiding my computer like the plague.   Reveling in my lack of chains shackling my ankles to my desk, and a view that is something other than industrial gray, stacks of files, and fluorescent lit tedium.  Of course, I am dealing with a new kind of tedium, but one that is quite delightful.

She is eating sweet potato gnocchi with a sage and brown butter sauce here.  I was beaming with pride.

In other news, I have started watching a wee bit of television.  My dear friend Anna goes through stages where she becomes addicted to television.  We had to stage a Felicity re-run intervention one year in college, and Scrubs also presented a problem, as it apparently came on during prime going-out time Thursday nights.  Anyway, Anna, you might have to call me and stage an intervention yourself, because I can't stop on Tuesday nights.  The cheese includes Hart of Dixie (it's just so cute and charming, without any base of reality), Happy Endings, The Mindy Project, and Cougar Town.  That is a solid 2+ hours of tv.  And cheesy shows at that!  But I just can't stop.

I have tons of recipes to share, but I have to watch tv.  I'm sorry.


  1. Go Heels!! Love her bib.
    I want that gnocchi.

  2. Loving those polka leggings and her NC bib!!

    I'm a fan of Hart of Dixie (so bad it's good!) and The Mindy Project. I haven't watched Cougar Town in a while (need to pick it back up!) and I've never seen Happy Endings!

  3. The Mindy Project cracks me up every week. I love it. We had to stage a Dawson's Creek re-run intervention with my sister in college. Her suite-mate in the sorority house was threatening to move out if she had to watch one more damn episode. It was pretty hilarious.

    Glad you popped in to share some cute pictures of Dell Harper - she's a doll!


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