Jan 9, 2013

Year in Review Part One

 Obviously, this was a big year for my family.  Looking through my photo albums, I am just shocked at how much everything has changed (such a cliche, blergh, but so true).   I gave birth a week after Simonne's shower- I am HUGE!  Elene and Simonne both had little girls as well- in February and MArch respectively.  Dell Harper will probably be in the same preschool class with both girls starting in August.

I'm about to go all maiden great-aunt on you, but look how small she is!  I can't believe how much she has grown.

Also, check out the bags under my eyes.  It's incredible how you forget those first couple months of zero sleep.  I went back to work when she was about ten weeks old, and I cried a lot.  It got better though, and I managed to appear like a normal professional thanks to a lot of planning and getting stuff ready the night before.  Oh, and a good quality pump.

Miss Priss had her first Easter Egg hunt (in a downpour, but as we just attended for the photo op, it was no biggie).

We celebrated her first Mother's Day down at the beach with my family- lots of firsts there- plane ride, Florida, seeing the ocean, dipping in a pool, wearing a bathing suit, and ROLLING OVER!  Who would've thought how thrilled I would be to see someone roll over?  It's nice to be getting out of the "my-dog-is-more-accomplished-than-my-child-stage".

 We came home to this.  Renovations were in progress, so we promptly decamped to Charleston for Virginia's wedding, and bridesmaiding.  Dell Harper was traveled out but we all managed to survive.
 We returned to live at my parents house for about six weeks while the kitchen and family room were torn apart at my little stone house (much to Buddy's delight, as he loves my parents' dogs and land).  I'm just realizing that I never showed y'all the result.  A house tour is forthcoming, I promise!
Morgan and I celebrated our third anniversary with a delicious meal on the porch overlooking the field where we got married.

And in June, Miss Priss attended her first birthday party for the triplets' first birthday.  She was entranced with all the action.  And already it's time for her first birthday in a couple of weeks.  HOw can this be?

So there you go- a massive photo dump and rehash, with another to follow.  I have been in a cleaning and organizing frenzy, readying my work space for my new stay at home and work from home gig.  I'll have an outpouring of house pictures and recipes as soon as I get done nesting and adjusting.  This week has been absolutely lovely, poopy pajamas and double ear infections notwithstanding. 

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