Jan 30, 2013

Gonna Have a Good Time!

My baby is a year old and loving life.  I realize I am completely trite- but how is Dell Harper a year old?

It seemed like yesterday I was trundling into the hospital, wrapped in a fuzzy cardigan and wool scarf, buoyed by my freshly polished red toenails and blown out hair (the joys of a scheduled c-section), after a sleepless night of quaking with nerves and anticipation.  I remember turning to Morgan before the doctor began the procedure, laughing and joking to staunch the chalky white pallor showing on his face.  Then the incredible, breathless wonder at meeting my darling girl, tiny and wrinkled, but already her own little self.  Subsisting on the rhythm of my baby and the hospital, the groggy, peaceful joy of holding and staring at her miniature hands, knowing that I will protect and love her with every ounce of my being.

Now 19 pounds, ten inches, and a year later, my teensy mewling baby is a cruising, laughing, passionate little person who loves to play all day long. She is about to walk any minute, and her arrivals and departures are announced with the slapping noises of her hands on the hardwood, crawling at top speed, invariably with a sippy cup of water hanging from her mouth.  Her life is filled with playing with her ball-popping elephant, Little People playsets, wooden puzzles and stacking cups, listening to toddler radio, and chasing Buddy around the house.

So we had a lovely little party, with family and godparents, lasagna and carrot cake (thanks, Mama for making the delicious cake).  Dell Harper loved her presents, but was most impressed with the balloons and carrot cake cupcakes.  It was a fitting way to celebrate the most exciting year of our lives, and the wonderful mundanity of daily life with our sweet, funny little girl.

Happy Birthday to Dell Harper!!


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful Dell Harper! I can't believe it's been a year. It seems like you just had her, and yet it seems like you've always been her mother. Funny how motherhood does that to us. Congratulations to you and Morgan on a wonderful first year. This was a beautiful post. Xo

  2. Do you hear that? It's the sound of my ovaries exploding right now.

    I've loved reading your blog before this gorgeous little girl graced your life, but now I can barely remember Spice & Sass without her. Doesn't she add a little bit (ok, a lot) of both to your life?


  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

  4. What a fun celebration! DH is just gorgeous. Do you think we will always relieve our Baby Eve's on their birthday? I know I was thinking about it too.
    I am very thankful for our pre and post baby convos!! xxoo

  5. Gosh Samma, she looks SO much like you it's crazy...I love it and I love the pictures from the party. You can tell there is loads of love in that room for Miss DH ;)

  6. No no no no no no no! She is NOT a year already?! How did that happen? I remember you being pregnant like yesterday. Why do they have to grow up so fast?? Please make it stop. And happy happy birthday little miss DH!

  7. Happy Birthday to Dell Harper! Isn't it just amazing how fast that year goes. Margot is 14.5 half months old walking and saying a dozen words. I just can't believe she's no longer a tiny little thing screaming at the top of her lungs! As hard as it is to see her leaving babyhood this is SUCH a fun age!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday, Dell Harper! I'll join in the cliches - HOW IS SHE ONE, ALREADY? It looks like y'all had a mighty fine celebration... Carrot Cake - my favorite! Your girl's got good taste - just like her mama!

  9. Happy Bday Dell Harper - you are a mighty cute little girl! Love seeing you grow and get all big. And congrats on making it through that first year Miss Samma - it's a big 'un!


  10. Happy belated DH! Love that post Faye - brings a little tear to my eye :)




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