Jul 24, 2013

A Shower Essential

In my lifetime, I have thrown a lot of baby showers.  And wedding showers.  But mainly baby showers.

Some of the hostesses and a very pregnant me at my shower here.

There is a constant at every shower I attend here in town.  When I am feeling a bit lackluster or antisocial, I can count on asparagus rolls to get me to that shower.  I have never had these wonders outside of Knoxville, so I might be introducing you to a treat which changes the way you look at baby showers forever.

I made asparagus rolls last week for Leigh's shower.  Normally, I might have been lazy and ordered a batch from the country club, but I was feeling industrious and gave them a whirl.  Super easy, these do take a chunk of time.  However, they are ideal to prepare in advance and have in the freezer.

From the Knoxville Junior League cookbook, Tennessee Tables, please enjoy Mrs. Walter D. Fain's Bleu Cheese Asparagus Rolls (with some minor updates).

Asparagus Rolls

2 loaves white bread (Pepperidge Farm)
1 8 oz package cream cheese (room temperature)
1 4 oz package of blue cheese
2 eggs
1 package of frozen artichoke spears (steamed)
1/2 cup melted butter

Trim the crust from the bread and roll flat with a rolling pin
Combine the cheeses and the eggs, blending well.
Spread the mixture on bread.
Place on asparagus spear to one side of bread and roll up.
Dip the rolls in melted butter and freeze.
To serve, slice in half and bake 45-60 minutes at 350.

This will give you about 15 servings.  I doubled it, and made 30 servings for Leigh's shower.

Is there a traditional food in your neck of the woods at showers?


  1. Can I make this for dinner? Holy delicious

  2. Yeeeeeeeah that sounds absurdly delicious.

    Traditional Shower Food, hmmmmmmm... do petit fours count? I always make sausage cups and spinach balls!

  3. Those look and sound really delicious! I bet they taste great with a glass of champagne. I don't think we have any traditional food here... we've done tea sandwiches at one, paella at another, deli style make your own sammys at another, etc ... lots of variety. But there is usually a mimosa bar!

  4. I second Blair!! Holy delish is right! I just bookmarked this! In our neck of the woods chicken salad is pretty standard.

  5. I've never heard of these, but now I want to make them! YUM. We're also in "chicken salad on croissant" land.

  6. mmmm....these sound wonderful. We have a lot of smoked salmon at our showers and if it's summer some kind of blackberry dessert. And if it's fall always pumpkin cookies with brown sugar glaze.

  7. I got a recipe from you made in phylo cups a couple of years ago and it is my go-to recipe. Your blog is adorable and so is your family!

  8. Just dropping by to say I miss your posts. :) Hope all is well. Give that pretty little lady DH a kiss for me.

  9. Those asparagus rolls sound delish! I hail from Atlanta, and you simply cannot host a shower without cheese straws and petit fours, specifically from Rhodes Bakery. Mmmmm


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