Jun 30, 2014

Monday, Monday

I have tried to stay away from any potty-training talk here on the blog, because no one wants to hear about that unless you are also dealing with it.  That was a rather convoluted sentence, but y'all know what I mean.  Anyhoo, I walked into Miss Priss sitting on her potty in our bathroom the other day, talking to herself.  Intrigued, I paused at the doorway and listened.

"Help me, Jesus.  I need poopy so I get TWO jelly beans.  Please, Jesus! Help me."

Yep.  My child was praying for a poop so she could up her jelly bean quota. Thatta girl. Glad to know all my Sunday Schooling is really sinking in.

She wore my dress to church yesterday.  That's me above at around 3.5 and Miss Priss at 2.5

Speaking of two and a half, it's really giving me a run for my money.  I was working away during nap time yesterday while a rare concurrent nap was happening.  I hear a small giggle and turn around to see DH with stuffed animals sticking out of her shirt, waving a flashlight around.  I tell her to march back to her room.  On the way, she decides to run at top speed, eluding capture, to "Show Baby Deeds my flashlight and tell him to wake up!".  This resulted in a flashlight dropped in/on Baby Deeds and said baby screaming his lungs out.  Meanwhile I was distracted by the sound of running water and the discovery that the little mischief maker had also turned on my bathtub. Law, she is going to send me to the loony bin.  She's mastered the  "I saw-ry, Mama.  Huggie!!"  whenever I'm ticked off at her.  It's losing its magic though, best get straightened up, little Missy.

I think it's time to get out the discipline books.  Have any of y'all heard of 1-2-3 Magic?  I've heard good things.  It's time to drop the hammer.  (especially after she ran off in Target the other night- gave me heart palpitations when I could not find her- story for another day).

Deedsie is still being PC (Prince Charming, per his grandmother), although the emergence of his first tooth is dampening his smiles a bit lately.  I should buy stock in infant Tylenol and gripe water, along with chew toys full of grand promises that he has no interest in whatsoever.

 Look at those baby thighs!  Are they not just delicious?

At least they love each other.  Contrary to his expression, Deeds was actually giggling here.  DO you like their "summertime fancy" attire?  I think we are all just lucky that I manage to get myself clothed some of these days!


  1. My daughter is 18-months and already causing me to head to the looney bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0
    I just bought a potty for her over the weekend, to 'begin' awareness....... we'll see.

  2. Y'all are twins! I need all the toddler discipline help I can get -- Love & Logic is really not jiving in our household (we've got plenty of love but are short on logic). Maybe I need this Magic book...

  3. I feel you. It is crazy town here as well. You two are twins in that vintage frock goodness. I shall consult 123 magic . I need back up.

  4. I can't get over how alike you two are. She cracks me up with her Jesus talk.


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