Oct 22, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

1.  I said the f-word twice last night during Bible study.  I sent out an apology e-mail when I got home.  In all fairness, I was recounting a story and telling what a person had said, but I probably should have done it more discreetly.  Ugh, I'm turning a bit red just thinking about it.

2.  Dell Harper got her first manicure last week as a reward for not picking at her nails.

 It was adorable and hilarious.  Yesterday during her quiet time in her room, while I was downstairs reviewing work documents, she apparently felt inspired to give herself a mani/pedi with her purple kids' nail polish out of her Pinkalicious makeup set.  Ha, luckily she put down books and spilled nary a drop on her carpet.  I was about to have a heart attack when she came down to show me her handiwork!  Note to self- remove play nail polish, as it has actual liquid in it.

3.  I'm feeling a bit relieved soccer is over.  It was fun, but I don't think I'm ready to be a soccer mom quite yet.  Time to hang up the cleats until next year!

4.  Deeds has been on his a-game lately- class greeter and general ray of sunshine.  Until yesterday when he had to be put on time out at school.  This was a new one for me, and was generally mortified/upset.  Maybe that's why I was cussing at Bible study later in the day.  He did take a three hour nap when he got home, leading me to hope he was just tired, and not morphing into a new personality.

What a stinker.

5.  In the midst of all this embarrassment I did manage to score this dress I wanted at Loft.  I went to buy it in person last Saturday- drove all the way out to the suburbs, but it was completely sold out.  I couldn't pull the trigger on buying it online, since it wasn't on sale.  Y'all know how Loft is- a sale every five minutes.  Luckily, I just checked the website last night after composing my cussing in church apology e-mail, and lo and behold! 50% off!

I wanted to wear it to a great birthday party last week with a fabulous menu and heavy dinner.  I could have packed a lot of food in, ha!

Let's all hope the rest of my week is embarrassment free, sigh.  At least no one has told me I'm ruining my child this week.  Yet.

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Cuuute dress! I gasped out loud when you said DH used her nail polish in her room during quite time (lol) because my son love pulling out mine while I shower. He pulled out the red yesterday and I near died.

  2. Haha! So you sent an email for cussing and were rewarded with a sale! Cute dress! Way to go DH on the no spill.. I have moved the play nail polish to the very top shelf of a closet that SS doesn't know about for fear of her finding it. Yesterday I was grousing about SS' behavior and her teacher looked at me an said, "Katie-every day can't be a great day". And that is how I am choosing to look at those dicey discipline days.

  3. That soccer picture! Surely the season was worth it for such a darling photo.

    I am still aghast a the unsolicited comment you received on your parenting. I too would have been mortified in the moment & livid afterwards. Just be glad she isn't the kids great grandma!


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