Oct 21, 2015

Master Bedroom- Before and Afterish

So, y'all might have noticed that I like color.  And pattern.  And yet, for the longest time, I have tried to fight my instincts in our bedroom.

 Everything I see for bedrooms, is neutral, neutral, neutral.  Soothing, relaxing, slumber inducing.  I tried it, but nothing was coming together.  A large room, random furniture, and no cohesive theme/color scheme.  Yuck.

 Enter the Robert Allen Neo Toile that I have loved for ages.  My bedding has to be super washable, and not cost a fortune- you spy that big furry guy up there?  He's not allowed on the bed (the slipcovered in washable duck fabric bench at the foot is his bed), but he loves to dash around our bed, especially if he's been out chasing chipmunks in the mulch.

 So instead I had a super long bolster and a custom bedskirt made.  I'd struggled with a bedskirt for years with this bed, as it's really two twin beds soldered together.  So there's a big iron bar down the middle that always got the bedskirt all bunched up.  Also, it's really high- probably about a 22 inch drop.

 So I devoted most of my budget to an amazing custom made bedskirt.  Luckily, I scored the fabric for less than $20 a yard, which helped a lot.  The citron linen duvet cover and shams are from West Elm (on sale!), which helps ease my mind when sticky fingered little toddlers come to interrupt a rare Saturday morning nap.

 New chairs and a console table from the living room create a nice little conversation clothes storage area.

 Another pop of that fabric on my old blue wingback brings it all full circle.  There's still work to be done- I hate the framed photographs above the chair- they are too big and yet too small there.  Also, the curtains question needs to be decided.  Eventually, I'd like to frame the landscape above the dresser, as well.

Another day, when I have some more dollars.

Now, although not neutral, my bedroom is a lovely places that makes me happy!  I sleep much better under a bright, citron duvet apparently.

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  1. Love your bed and that fabric!! Did you buy the bed frames separately and solder yourself or find it already joined? Do you have twin box springs and king mattress or twin mattress as well with a connector? Sorry I am nosy, but I am truly loving your bedroom makeover :)


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