Oct 26, 2015

I'm Not SuperMom

Dell Harper and Deeds love them some Mary Rice Hopkins.  Any of y'all who have preschoolers at a church MDO might be familiar with Hip Hip Hooray (Hippopotamus) or my personal fave, Superman.  

The best verse of Superman is the mom singing 

I am just an ordinary mom
And sometimes things just go wrong
I'm not Supermom
So, I'll join in and sing this song (ah)!

I mean, isn't that just perfect?  I sing it to myself about a million times a day.  Right now I need to be folding laundry, mopping my kitchen, and trying to get the island granite spotless (an impossible task.  I hate that granite).  Instead, I'm propped up in my bed with my laptop and a new pile of library books.

I'm not Supermom.

When Deeds is having an absolute fit because he thinks he is going outside to ride bikes, and instead we are going to pick up his sister from school, and I have to karate chop him in the midsection to strap him into his carseat.

So I'll join in and sing this song!

My kids eat hot dogs, baby carrots and fruit for dinner 2 nights this weekend.  I let Deeds have icing off a cupcake serve as his dinner at a get-together Saturday night.  He refused anything else, and I really wanted to watch a bit of the football game.  DH at least had sausage balls (then a cookie, and tons of pilfered m&m's).  At least the previously mentioned hot dogs were organic?


So to wrap up my inspirational lyrics, it goes "Thank you God for who I am, I don't have to be Superman.  Thank you God for who I am, all I want to be is your best friend!"

So you'll know when you see me mouthing to myself "all I want to be is your best friend" while pointing at sky- either my kids are driving me to the brink of despair, or some old lady at the cafeteria is mouthing off at me.  Just give me a gentle shoulder pat, and remind me that no one's perfect.

Ha, you might be able to tell that I'm gotten a run for my money from my toddler this week.  Then he says "Phone!  AAAAHHHH!" and points to the sky (Deeds' talk for "I would love to enjoy the musical stylings of Mary Rice Hopkins and that Superman tune, dear mother."), and I'm reminded that we are all just doing the best we can.

Side note- I used to go on tour with cool jam bands.  Now I write cheesy blog posts about toddler Christian music.  Aging is a lesson in humiliation sometimes.

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  1. Ha. Some days it is about survival. I think Deeds needed that frosting on Saturday. Some days that is the only thing that will do!


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