Jun 9, 2016

Caftan Body

Y'all know I love anything caftan-adjacent- remember this article from New York Magazine's The Cut?  It's the best.  Obviously, at five months pregnant, I'm digging the caftan especially right now.  I've had two late winter pregnancies, so this summer pregnant thing is new to me.  I've always wondered how people can wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant.  Now, I get it!  Dresses!  Summer clothing!  Anything with the word trapeze or swing in it works for me.  Hurrah!

I picked up this number for a song at The Limited- it's going to be my fancy caftan.

 Did y'all know that Cost Plus World Market has clothes?  Perfect cover ups and hippie-ish summer duds.  I nabbed this dress and a similar one that's not online for super cheap.  Perfect bump coverage, but darling without a large stomach to deal with.  Also, check out their PJ pants, chemises and robes online.  Anthro look for a tiny fraction of the cost.

 So pretty!

Finally, I have been longing for one of those beautiful Mexican embroidered dresses.  But I also don't want to spend a ton on a caftan/muumuu.   Enter Amazon. Love this Lilliana Cruz dress- it's a cotton blend, which is nice when it comes to wrinkle prevention, and is machine washable.  Check and check!  I'm going to order another, and Dell Harper some of the adorable tops.  So probably not the most authentic, but comfortable and cute.  I'll take it!

So pregnant or not, enjoy a Caftan Body Summer!


  1. I need to send DH one of the dresses to match you!!!! email me your address and I will get one to that cutie

  2. Love your blog! Hope you are feeling well! Can you please do a post about your pregnancy--fun details! And commit to a weekly recipie post--like every Wednesday ! You make such delish sounding and easy recipies! I love podcasts too! Makes all my house work fun and productive!

    1. Thanks, Laura!! I needed that push! Just put up a new recipe for you. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!! It makes my day.


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