Jun 3, 2016

Five on Friday Favorites

1.  Awesome CHEAP Workout Tops

A friend recommended this fab comfy workout tops- each under $10!!  She wore them throughout her pregnancy in a bigger size, now wears them in her regular size.  I ordered three, and I already want more.  So soft, flowy over the tummy, and flattering!  Great colors available, too!

2.  Lace Cap Hydrangeas

I know mopheads get all the love, but I'm downright partial to the lacecaps lining the front of my house.  I kept waiting for them to fully flower, and about called the former owner of my house.  I'm so glad my neighbor came over to cut some and told me they are lace cap.  I would have felt like such a fool if I'd made that phone call!  Ha!  Last year they were burnt up by a heatwave while I was at the beach, so I am enjoying their beauty in all its glory this year.

3.  Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea

I found a forgotten box of decaf cold brew tea bags in my pantry, and just can't get enough!  I love unsweet iced tea- I got in the habit of not sweetening it when I was pregnant with Dell Harper.  Lord knows I don't need any more sugar in my life (I'll be getting to my cake shortly).

Normally I find cold brew tea to be either weak or bitter, but this is just right.  I've been having about a pitcher a day, so I should be fully anti-oxidized here soon.

4. Chocolate Magic Cake

 My baking assistant.  This girlie loves to pour and mix.  And eat chocolate cake.  I have been CRAVING some good chocolate cake, and this recipe popped up on Pinterest.  I ran and picked up some good Cruze Farm buttermilk and was set!  Paired with this suuuuupppeeer easy chocolate ganache- TO DIE FOR.  Refrigerate the icing for a bit before you use it, BTW.

I'm serious.  I can't stop eating this chocolate cake.  It's the first words out of the kids' mouths when they wake up.  I had three (smallish) pieces throughout the day today.  Then I complain about the expansion of my thighs.  Law.

Excuse the quick iPhone blurry snap.  Each time I cut a nice, pretty piece for blog purposes, I eat it before I can even take the lens cap off my camera.

5.  Lies and Other Acts of Love

This book popped up on my Amazon recs, and I must admit, I was hesitant.  I'm not a Karen White/Erin Hildebrand/Jodi Picoult type fan, and this seemed in that wheelhouse.  Also, the author is a blogger, and I held that against her. Hypocrite?  Right here!
I was wrong!  It was a great read, smarter than most beach chick lit, and a good story.  Highly recommend for a warm, light read that has a bit of substance.  Perfect summer reading!

We had friends in town from Charleston last weekend, and enjoyed a great dinner downtown, kid party, Memorial day pool party.  I've had girls' nights last week and this one, and next weekend is full of activities.  I'm socialized out- looking forward to just chilling out tonight and the rest of the weekend.

Hope y'all have a fun and restful weekend!

Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies!


  1. YAY!!!! Loved seeing you when we were in town! SO FUN!!! xoxo

  2. I've never tried Cold Brew but LOVE Lipton's Tea. Maybe its worth a shot!! I drink caffeine this pregnancy (didn't with my first) so I hope they make the caffeinated kind!

  3. Thank you so much for recommending Lies and Other Acts of Love!! I'm so happy you enjoyed!! I'm with you on the lace caps... They are so gorgeous! xo Kristy


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