Mar 10, 2011

Some Pet Peeves

I just had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast.  The unexpected sugar is coursing through my veins at an alarming rate, and I'm getting a bit sassy over here.  So some annoyances-

1) people who trim their forsythia in shapes.  Forsythia is meant to be wild!

I used to crawl under the branches of several big forsythia bushes we had when I was a child, hiding and reading every work by L.M. Montgomery.  I was a strange combination of bookish and outdoorsy as a child.  Actually, I still am. . .

Anyway, this makes my eyes and heart hurt.

2) People who don't say "you're welcome" when you say thank you.

3) Now this is obvious, but strangers with a complete lack of tact.  While sleep deprived me was assigning my minions tasks at Bag-A-Bargain (not really minions but provisionals assigned to my department), one of the girls, a complete stranger, grabbed my left hand and exclaimed "Whoa!  Look at that thing!" in front of a large group of people.  Um, thanks?  Not really a compliment or a criticism, just someone being so utterly tacky she oozing glue.  I turned bright red, assigned her a task far from me, and fled.

Peg was in Atlanta for market not too long ago.  Her business partner informed a vendor that she was having triplets.  He (of course it was a "he") replied "Wow, you're having a litter, huh?"

Um.  Really?  She having three beautiful baby girls!  Not puppies!  She is not a dog who is breeding!  Only a man would say that, I swear.

4) My inability to immediately be somewhere, or morph like a sci-fi show.  I would pop in Kinger's bach in Florida this weekend, and then scoot back.  It would really help me with time management, and all the stuff I have going on.  Can y'all invent this ASAP please?

5)  I've been checking Facebook way too much lately for my blood pressure.  People put up the trashiest and flashiest stuff!  I swear, if people thought about or realized the image they present to the world with their pictures, there would be a lot fewer posted!  I'm sure I am just as guilty of it with the blog here, but it really makes my blood boil.  No need to see your designer purse, or what your husband bought you! Good chance I am just tired and bitter here. . .so if you post pictures of new jewelry or drunken nights, etc, please ignore me and don't be offended.  Hee.

Okay, so what's going on in your world?  Let's share some random annoyances on this gloomy day!  Get it off your chests ladies!


  1. Ooo, fun. I can get on board with sharing random annoyances.

    On the Facebook front, I must agree on the oversharing. Racy boudoir photographs DO NOT belong on the Internet. 15 detailed pictures of the engagement ring is overkill. A picture in an itsy bitsy bikini as the profile picture with the cropping zoomed in on one's cleavage - JUST SAY NO!

    Super stinky food cooked in my office kitchen has been bugging me lately.

    Grown men calling each other as "player" and "baller" and "homey" makes me cringe. (Can't believe I even hear this in 2011!)

    I could go on and on but then I'd annoy myself. :)

  2. I delted FB off my phone bc everyone annoys me. I don't care what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and how DELICIOUS it was, gah, I hate that word.

    I'm annoyed at the continued cold temps and dreary weather

    And I'm annoyed at the bangs I decided to get at my last haircut. Bad decision as they stay pinned back 24/7.

    Thank you for letting me rant :)

  3. I am SO with you on the forsythia! My absolute favorite thing about spring time, and people have the nerve to chop it all up! It's not a hedge, folks. Just say no.

    Currently I am about to come unglued on our plumber. Old house + crappy plumbing= yearly plumber visit... But it should NOT take you three hours. I have things to do! Get out of my house!

    I have been constantly annoyed this morning as well. Hopefully the sun will start shining soon!

  4. I want to be able to morph too. It would be the best superpower ever. I would like to wiggle my nose and poof! bewitched style...

  5. I adore that your annoyances run the spectrum of FB oversharing to forsythia trimming. Seriously, this is one of the reason I am a huge Samma fan.

    Lately I'm annoyed at WAITING for several life changes to happen without being able to hurry up the change already. And I'm annoyed that several of my workout tops shrunk when a certain someone I share a home with accidentally put them in the dryer, and now they're all too short (nothing is worse than a too-short workout top, am I right?). And I'm annoyed that I can't log in to Twitter today since I haven't watched Top Chef yet, and all the chefs I follow are REALLY bad about spilling the beans online. Lastly, I'm annoyed that I finally made it out to Anthropologie on the other end of town yesterday for some well-deserved shopping, but they had nothing I liked, despite having a plethora of lovely items online.

    Okay then!

  6. Ha, I love the phrase, so tacky they're oozing glue a that's a new one for me. I second inappropriate comments from rude strangers. I have been asked several times how big my engagement ring is. Seriously?

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  8. The oversharing of ob/gyn information on FB bothers me.

  9. oh girl - I HATE the ring thing. I don't even know what to say. It's so rude and embarrassing. And those poor trees- i'm not familiar but MUCH prefer the "wild" picture. A litter?! OMG I don't post that kind of shiz on facebook - that's what my blog is for. LOL but for reals - I don't tell peeps about my blog - if they want to read, sure, but i'm not going to cram my business down their throats!


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