Mar 8, 2011

Hidden Treasure

So  I'm back.  Twelve hours of sleep Saturday night, and an afternoon spent on the couch Sunday afternoon listening to the rain, and I'm close to normal.
Do you see how squinty my eyes are?  They are twice their normal squintiness, due to extreme sleep deprivation.  However, look at all the good stuff my section had to offer.  It took extreme willpower not to purchase a large amount of antique furniture, but I resisted, being too tired to deal with the inevitable divorce proceedings which would likely ensue if I brought home another cabinet or table that just needs a little work.
This bed was calling my name, and I refused to lower the price below a certain point.  Luckily, after the sale our adorable chairwoman's mama bought it, for fifty buck above my reduced asking price!
This table and bench set just needed some paint, and was much admired.
As was the glass front primitive cabinet in the background, which I ended up selling for $125.  Such a steal!  And so hard to resist. . .
Sterling silver cups, and lots of crystal.
Getting ready for the preview party with the unofficial mascot of Bag A Bargain, the magenta velour Virgin Mary.  People donate some interesting items.
Adult clothing and handyman.
A small portion of the children's section.  There's a Bugaboo stroller down there, which got scooped into my section.  I was tempted to buy it although I am not pregnant and do not currently have kids.  I just can't resist a good deal.  However, I decided purchasing any baby paraphernalia would result in a jinx whereby I would not have children or the like, so no Bugaboos, or adorable changing tables in need of a paint job for me!

Y'all are going to die when you see what I did spend $40 dollars on- I'll put up a picture tomorrow.  Let's just say Hubs was not exactly thrilled. . .


  1. I had no idea when you talked about this what an enormous undertaking it was! Holy cow! You must be so happy it's wrapped for the year.

  2. wowza- this is so. much. stuff. I bet you were exhausted!! I can't wait to see what you bought. hehe

  3. Yall had some great stuff! We only do the holiday market but Bristol does a Bargain Bazzar (I think that's what they call it).

    On another note: I spy one of my sorority sisters! Beverly. She is just the sweetest person!!

  4. Sounds like you organized one heck of an event - kudos! I admire your restraint on not coming home with a car loard of hidden treasures. Can't wait to see what did make it home with you!

  5. This sale looks road-trip-worthy! So many treasures...

  6. Bravo!!! That first photo looks like my kitchen cabinet. I collected a few of those pieces a couple of summers ago. They are the best to hold plastic forks and knives. I got mine for a buck each up at little antique joints on Lake Michigan. Hope you raised tons and tons! Bravo.

  7. I love the rooster in the last picture!


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