Mar 9, 2011

My Booty

Isn't she gorgeous?  Hubs, a bit disconcerted that of 55,000 square feet of bargains, I picked a chair "that will sit there in the garage for 4 years.  Don't you already have one that you got off the side of the road that still needs to be recovered?"

"Why yes, honey! But that is for a nursery someday, so no need to recover any time soon.  This one is for our living room!"  I proudly replied.

And was met with glowering silence.  Hmmppph.

So, what fabric shall I re-cover my beauteous BAB booty with?  Here are pictures of my living room (please excuse the gloom- it's been raining so much that Buddy is scouting for a good looking golden retriever lady to join him on the ark soon).

Hubs' leather chair and the white chair are normally flip flopped.

Please note the profusion of pattern- couch, draperies, rug,  I have a bit of a pattern addiction.

The living room opens to the dining room, which has the same rug in a different shade and the same curtains.
So ladies take a gander and please advise!  My curtains are Braemore's Wonderland Jet.


  1. I think you got an awesome deal! Can't wait to see what you go with for the fabric.

  2. I am equally addicted to pattern. It's a sickness that I happen to enjoy suffering! If you want more pattern, I'd do something simple and modern... and tan and buttercup chevron, perhaps?

  3. I love it!! I also love how much pattern you do - i'm always solid furniture and patterned pillows - you mix it so well!

  4. how fun! I will be prepping the warehouse tonight for our junior league sale in DC. Lucky for my husband, I will be out of town the weekend of the sale-but that just means I have to be at all the pre-sale shifts-ha!

    I personally would cover it in the Braemore's Wonderland Jet pattern. It would tie in all the pillows and curtains, but I have a feeling you would want to be a little more jazzy than that. I think it would be fun to use a chevron, modern demask or ikat pattern in the purple or deep pink shades you have going in the wonderland jet fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  5. I am so impressed with your thrifty find! It is going to be grand!

  6. Great find! I'm sure you'll turn it into something fabulous. And I love your bravery with prints. It comes together really well. I need to take a lesson from you - I'm not brave when it comes to color & prints but I wish I were.

  7. That chair has great bones! Since you already have pattern in the room with the couch, I'd do a solid and accent it with a funky-pattern pillow.

    I love the dining room table! Do you have it showcased anywhere else in your blog?

  8. My gracious - I am in love with your rugs! Where are they from?

    And I love the new chair! What a great find!

  9. Slammer, I cannot wait to come for another visit! Your new home looks amazing! Miss you!


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