May 5, 2011

Genetics are a Scary Thing

My brother and I don't look that much alike really- we have the same coloring but are faces are very different (I take after my father's side, he my mother's).

However, I was culling through my Italy pictures, and happened upon these-

Brother in Venice.

Me in Cinque Terre.

Please see the title of this post.

Do you resemble your siblings?  Mannerisms or looks?


  1. PERFECTION!!! I love, love, love this. My sister and I do favor each other, but it's our mannerisms when we're in the same room that really freak people out. The. Exact. Same. Just like you guys. Love! xoxo

  2. So cute! My brother looks just like my Daddy, and I look like my Momma. But Mac and I have the same, outgoing, crazy personality. Very fun!

  3. My brother and I don't look alike, but we have very similar mannerisms and talk the same way. So funny how genetics work!

  4. absolutely. despite the 10 year age difference of my sister & I, we get mistaken all the time for each other! {i seriously hope that they think I look like I'm 19 rather than she looking nearly 30!}

  5. Anne and I are the same way:)

  6. I am still laughing at the adorable pictures, like "Hey? What's with the camera people?" Love it:)

  7. Italy hands! I know that gesture well, having married into a gesticulating Italian family. Italy hands aside, though, you & your bro look very much alike here.

    My (half, though I rarely call him that) brother & I resemble each other mostly in mannerisms & terrible movie trivia.


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