May 12, 2011




Someone got their first haircut (buzz-cut) for the summer.  His tail and head still belong to the furriest dog in the world, but his body does not.  My fluffy cuddle bug is now shaved for the summer, and I am sad.  He however, as an avid squirrel watcher, feels that his chances of sneaking up on a squirrel is far greater now since he resembles one. And is he is happy that he is nice and cool. . . .

How long does it take golden retriever fur to grow?


  1. Not that long! We used to have to trim our Cassie Girl 3x per summer! They look like little lions, don't they?

  2. Oh goodness, we used to do that to our sheltie who just thought she was a total killer when we had her summer cut, it was hilarious--even if she looked awful.

  3. My parents' golden LOVES getting his annual haircut when it starts getting hot. He struts around with such a sashay that it is just hilarious. Rolling around and literally moaning in pleasure.

  4. He really looks pretty happy with his summer hairdo :)

  5. My boyfriend's parents do it every summer to their golden. It will grow back by mid-summer. He will be sooo happy with the new do!

  6. Hahaha, he still looks awesome. My dog is on squirrel patrol 24/7. I've had to teach people an alternate word for squirrel so she doesn't get all riled up.


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