May 12, 2011

Five is Better than One, right?

Ahh, Cinque Terre I love you so. .

 Even the gas stations have got style in Italy.
 A little lost due to inability to read Italian street signs.  Or find any as we cruised in our Renault.
Happy to see the sea in La Spezia, although Hubs once again is ruining my Euro disguise.  Hee.

After exploring alleys and ocean, we picnicked on a lunch of apples, assorted cheeses, cured meats (naturally), fresh bread, olives, and tomatoes, which we picked up in our local market before leaving Florence.

 I was happy to be there.  Generally I have a rather buoyant, (some might say perky) personality, and proximity to a body of water increases such happiness exponentially.
I'm dying to scrap my plans this weekend, and haul out my paints.  My hand is itching to recreate this scene!


  1. I was going to say that you looked very Euro Chic--nicely played!!

    Ohh, that would make a gorgeous painting. I am not an artist at all and am so jealous of those that can capture beauty on canvas, etc.

  2. This looks ah-mazing!!! What a fun trip!? Xoxo-BLC

  3. Oh do it! Get your paints out and paint! I was just thinking the same thing on a rainy day in Baltimore. The last shot of you makes me love you even more. Nearly, nearly every shot on my wedding day had me with a gapping wide open mouth smile! Best day ever equals open smiles. :) Such a pretty place.

  4. These photos are just heaven. Take me away, stat!

  5. I have had some seriously good times in the Cinque Terre - these gorgeous photos take me back! I'm so glad you got to see it.

    (Also, hi - my awful Google Reader somehow ate your blog & a few others, and I'm just figuring it out now & playing catch-up.)

  6. Wow! I'm so incredibly jealous of this trip! Your pictures are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


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