Sep 16, 2011

My So-Called Life- High School

So Monday of Labor Day weekend was a wet tropical storm induced drippy mess.  There was also a My So Called Life marathon on the Sundance Channel.

I was pleased.

I was brought back to my time of clothes that were simply too big, sideways glances fraught with meaning exchanged between lockers, bad boys, and parental rifts.
So similar to my look- even had that Jansport backpack, which then had to be upgraded to a Northface for high school.  I was in eighth grade when the show premiered, and was canceled, then a freshman in high school replete with my own Jordan Catalano to agonize over during the MTV repeats.

It's so bizarre to remember those days, when a wink or hello from an older boy in the hall could make your month, and riding around in a car with your friends was super fun, although you pretended to be bored.  I had my wild child period freshman and sophomore year, running around in my vintage overalls, and thrift store jeans, flannel shirts hanging off my barely 100 pound frame.  (Why, oh why did I not take copious pictures of myself in bikinis at this period, so my thirty year old pregnant self could remember how I used to be?).

And Rayanne?  Did y'all have that "new" friend? One that you didn't know growing up, and maybe felt a bit nervous around?  So exciting and fun, but after spending rare moments at her house, you were so secretly appreciative of your parents who were always around and imposed rules.

Anyway, I was instantly brought back to those years, filled with insecurity and anticipation.  I found myself becoming a bit wistful and angsty, completely absorbed in Angela's life.

Then Hubs came in, complained vociferously, and changed the channel.  This was probably a good thing, because I don't think my hormones could have handled when drunk Rayanne slept with Jordan in the back of his car while Brian filmed it. 

Too much for this thirty year old to handle still.  Sniffle.


  1. Still holds a special spot in my Favorite Shows of All-Time. I remember when [ABC? NBC?] cancelled it and MTV did the marathon and I thought THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE TO EVER SEE IT... but it was Spring Break and we were traveling! THE ANGST! My poor grandmother spent all weekend recording it onto VHS for me {under strict instructions from my mom not to actually watch the show 'lest she have a heart attack}. So I had my precious VHS "box set"... and then MTV announced at the end of the marathon that they'd be playing it regularly. DOH.

    But damn if I didn't cart those VHS tapes off to college with me.

  2. Oh YES. A thousand times over, YES.

  3. oh I just loved this post! I hearted the show, watch it often and just like you get SO absorbed in the character's and it takes me back to my wildchild 8th & 9th grade years - same deal - flannel, overalls, 100-pounds soaking wet and WHERE are the swimsuit pictures. Sigh. LOL


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