Sep 6, 2011

Silver Britches

I know.  I am terrible.  It's been over a week, and I have no excuse.  Well, except for work, and the fact that at 18 weeks I am still exhausted all the time.  It's getting really old.

Apparently pregnancy makes me look like a zombie.  Or maybe it's the lack of adult beverages in my life.

The good news is, I've been back in the kitchen and have lots of delicious goodies to share with you.  The bad news is, after attending a birthday party Friday night, and having people over for the game Saturday night, I couldn't even stay up to watch the Dawgs lose.  Which may not be that bad, since my retinas were seared by my alma mater's uniforms.  Why, Georgia?

I can't even discuss it.  How am I supposed to cheer Go You Silver Britches!??  Poor Larry Munson.  Please read this article if you are bored, for a brief history of the silver britches.  Obviously Nike did not.  Hmmmppphh.

I am just going to continue to picture this in my head, and yearn for its return.


  1. I was REALLY rooting for you guys. I'm not a Georgia fan, but I think Boise State is the most awful team in all of college football. (I tend to hold grudges)

  2. The uniforms were as bad as that one time Clemson played in all purple.
    I am sorry for your loss of silver britches.

  3. Those uniforms are the most god awful things I have ever seen. As I told my friends, I don't function at 100% when I don't feel cute and I think that is exactly what happened. And then, all of my fellow Chicagoans made fun of thie Georgia girl repeatidly saying silver britches...

  4. I was at the game and left early, completely disappointed. As we left, we "ran" into Vince Dooley on the elevator who too looked thoroughly disgusted. It was a pitiful performance in heinous looking uniforms. Can you tell I'm still bitter?

  5. I had no idea your were pregs. I went on a blogging vacay. Congrats! You glow!

  6. hilarious that we found each others blogs...we totally know the same people and YES, small world ;)
    we actually watched that awful UGA silver pants game at taylor's house. have a good one!

  7. You don't look like a zombie, crazypants! And I hope that exhaustion goes away in no time.

    And to Crist: I love when Clemson plays in purple pants. LOVE. Maybe not all purple, mind you. But still. Just had to throw that in there.

    Feel better, mama - and don't feel bad about any rest or not posting or general sloth-like behavior that helps you get through 'til then. Survival mode!

  8. As a UGA alum and nearly life long Athens resident and fan, I was heartbroken that they made this change. Awful. I was hoping it would grow on me. Not so much.

  9. I KNOW - those uniforms are awful - eek! Love the pic of you and the girls - pregnancy is NOT making you look like a zombie. LOL you're so crazy.


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