Sep 28, 2011

An Important Question and Some Loves

  • Singing along with Oasis in a British accent, top down, cruising in the fall weather.  Even errands are fun in a drop top.  Who else besides Oasis and the Cranberries actually sings in their accent?  My version of Linger in an Irish accent is rather amazing. ("Ohhhh, I thawt the wawrld of yew. . . .")  Don't you want to ride around in the Barbie Dream Car listening to 90's on 9 with me now?

  • Finding pasteurized eggs in the grocery store. I have eaten a fried egg every morning since this discovery.  Oh, runny yolks, I have missed them so much.

  • Big furry paws petting me, as we snuggle up to watch Gossip Girl with open windows and a cup of hot dark chocolate.

And now, since I am also digging my outfit today, some almost 22 weeks bump pictures, for those who are interested.

I got a few new drapey sweaters from TJMaxx yesterday, and I am loving them as maternity wear. 

So, that's what I've been feeling in the last few days of early fall.  Oh, there have been a couple pumpkin spice lattes (bought in the Starbucks drive-thru to avoid pregnancy police), but they have lost their luster for me. . .too sweet (even with half the syrup pumps). 

What is floating your boat these days?


  1. OK so I must share...I wanted the pumpkin spice latte, too so I asked the barista how to cut the caffeine--so now I do half the pumps AND half decaf and that helps A LOT, if you have to enjoy a little treat!

    cute new sweater lady!!

  2. Gorge! Loving the bump and that Buddy is too precious.

  3. Looking great!

    Question for you - where is your pencil skirt from??

  4. You look great - love the sweater! I remember those days quite vividly. Now mine are 6 and 4. Hard to believe!

  5. Too funny! I used to do the same thing with Oasis and the Cranberries... I may need to bust those CD's back out and see if I still know all the words!

    Loving the bump!!

  6. Looking fabulous, mama!

    I need more open cardigans, stat!

    I do love the tall pumpkin spice latte {also a drive-thru-er, 'lest I yell "I'M ALLOWED 200 MGS! THIS IS ONLY 90! I LOOKED IT UP!"} with the single pump. I also tried it as a Misto this week and that might be my new favorite - less rich!

  7. Awwhh, how cute are you and your little bump?!


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