Sep 15, 2011

Solemn Vows

So we were in Savannah last weekend for Preston's beautiful nuptials.  Jessie was giving me a little guff about my severe lack of blog updating lately.  I hung my head in shame, and agreed.  I promised that I would do better- after all my camera is loaded with pictures of yummy recipes for y'all to try, and my mind churns at night with all the things I want to discuss with you, dear readers.

But then when it comes to turning on my laptop, I fall asleep instead.

This lack of energy is just too much!  I was so pleased to stay at the reception until the wee hour of ten p.m. (I'm such a party animal), but then I slept the whole way home, and twelve hours Sunday night because I was so worn out from the trip.  I have time for nothing but sleep!  This is really cramping my lifestyle.

Anyway, what else is going on?

1.  I have been going to so yoga classes lately- normally I get way too antsy in yoga, being more of a bop around and bounce person.  However, maybe I am already mellowing, because it just suits me to a tee lately!

2.  Mama and I are going to the spa this weekend!  I am too tickled about this trip, to celebrate our respective 30th and 60th birthdays which occurred last month.  We are going here, in Blowing Rock.  What should I pack?  Hmmmm.  Might need some suggestions on cute preggo spa wear, ladies.

3.  Buddy and Hubs will be having a bachelor weekend, and I say there will much imbibing and cursing going on at our house during the UT-Florida game. 

4.  Buddy is a nut case as usual.  We were taking a stroll around the neighborhood the other night.  While I was looking at people's gutters (we're getting new ones, and I was deciding the color), Buddy took advantage and took off!  Now, I am not supposed to strain too had after him, or fall trying to hold him, so I dropped the leash.

What he took off after, sniffing furiously, tail waving like a furry flag?

A  damn concrete bunny. 

He came back to me, dragging his leash behind him in defeat, shamefaced.

I laughed pretty hard.

So, that's pretty much it around these parts.  I am renewing my vow to get back to almost daily blogging in front of all the interwebs as  my witness.

I'm going to try at least. . . 


  1. We love you even if you take a break to grow a baby sweet Samma! Don't be too hard on yourself. That dog is the freaking cutest. Glad no one was hurt.

  2. Have so much fun at the spa. Jealous girl over here!! I need to get to a yoga class!!

  3. Oh I remember those while you can! (sorry to be so cliché, but that one is true!)

  4. aw love it! And so funny - me and my MIL were having lunch this week and it TOTALLY hit me that we have milestone birthdays next year - i'm 30 and she's 60! When you said that about you and your moms I was like NO WAY! Hope you have so much fun at the spa!


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