Jun 8, 2012

Fantasy Land

I'm perusing a stack of cooking mags and catalogs and pinterest, and planning my next cocktail party.  Some entertaining is long overdue, and I am longing to celebrate (i.e. show off) my renovations once they are complete.

The party won't be until later this summer, so cool drinks and zinnias will be in order.

Italian Greyhounds whipped up on my adorable gold bar cart?  Yes, I think that will be lovely!

This red number will do quite nicely.

Source: rstyle.me via Samma on Pinterest

Or perhaps a floaty hostess gown, to entertain in ease.

Cheese and wine are essential to any party.

Of course in reality, the pin I most need will be this one-

Forty ways to entertain your baby while lying down.  You know, if you are sick, or pregnant, or injured. . .or had a lovely evening the previous night?  Ahem.


  1. Love all of it. I need a hostess gown ASAP.

  2. This makes me just itch to entertain! I haven't hosted a soiree that wasn't a baby shower in honestly YEARS. Sad. I used to have dinner parties all the time. Love the wine flue parenting tips too. ;) Cheers.

  3. zinnias. i can't get enough of those happy blooms!


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