Jun 4, 2012


  • Dell Harper helped me in the kitchen today.  It was really cute.  Then I dropped a jar of artichokes on top of her.  It glanced off her forehead.  I threw it to the ground, scooped her up in my arms and bawled more than she did.  Mama tried not to laugh as I worried about whether I should take my smiling baby to the emergency room.
  • I'm right proud of myself for managing to convince to put away laundry and do dishes before watching Mad Men.  It's amazing what listening to a trashy novel on my iPod will make palatable.
  • The day lilies are so beautiful right now.  My yard and my parents' have yellow, but the orange are my favorite.  
  • Speaking of orange, I have been craving a frosted orange from the Varsity like no other lately.  Maybe a trip to Atlanta is in order?
  • I made the Piperade Pie for my family on Saturday night.  It was good, but not as good as previous times.  Why?  I'm not exactly sure, but probably due to the fact that I was rushing and distracted while cooking.  This resulted in forgetting to bake the crust before addding the filling, and improperly tempered eggs.  Moral of the story?  There are no bad cooks, just ones who aren't paying attention.
  • Did y'all enjoy this beautiful cool weather this weekend?  Miss Priss and I took a few walks and hit the pool with all of her buddies today.


  1. if it makes you feel any better, i hit Caroline in the face with a toothbrush already too and thought I poked her eye out-there goes Mom of the year, huh?

    and p.s. a varsity milkshake wih fries sounds AMAZING...much better than my diet food :(

  2. I dropped the remote on Leighton's head last weekend. It was the classic delayed reaction... shock followed by sobbing... from both of us.


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