Jun 12, 2012

So Many Firsts

All dressed up to attend Miss Priss' first birthday party- her best little buddies, Audrey, Elizabeth, and Claire turned one on Sunday.  Miss Priss was too excited to nap all day in anticipation, then fell asleep on the way to the party.  Promptly on arrival, she woke up wailing, with an extreme diaper issue.  After a quick change and cuddle she was ready to enjoy the party, although quite embarrassed.  Hee.

After getting home, I immediately got in my pjs, and tried feeding Dell Harper some rice cereal.  Her doctor has recommended we try some rice cereal (in addition to her prevaicd and zantac, sigh) in the evenings to help with her reflux.

I don't know if it helped, but I was quite entertained!

I think she was a bit disappointed that it was not this ice cream business she has heard so much about from her Granddaddy.  When I was about Dell Harper's age, Mama came home to my Mama Faye (her mother), feeding me butter pecan ice cream!  Mama was completely nonplussed, but had company so she had to keep her mouth shut.  Now her and Daddy think it is hilarious to threaten to do the same with Dell Harper.  It did take a rather lengthy explanation of infants' digestive systems to convince Daddy that a little melted ice cream would be a bad thing.  I completely understood his confusion, as I have trouble convincing my trying-to-reduce-my-waistline self that a little ice cream would be a bad thing every night after dinner.


  1. gosh, dell harper is just TOO cute!!! and p.s. i hear you on the ice cream thing...whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THE BLUE BELL BANANA PUDING FLAVOR--it'll be the end of you i promise!!! (and yes, speaking from experience)


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