Jun 19, 2012

Little Stone Cottage Sneak Peek

Cabinets are painted!  Floors are in! Hardware is on the cabinets!  Walls have vanished!

I keep gazing around in wonder at my new house.

I can't wait to do a house tour and show y'all the before and after when everything is ready.

Miss Priss is ready to return to her happy little red crib.

I can't wait to get everything dusted and sparkly, furniture arranged, and pictures hung.  I was OBSESSED with my dollhouse as a child, spending hours making new furniture and accessories out of matchboxes and fimo clay.  My little stone cottage is my adult version.  Although I will never be done tweaking- I joked with my contractor that after this latest project it will be time to move. The arranging and changing is the fun part!

Mama and I were talking about spoiling kids the other day.  I mentioned that it will be hard for me to not buy Dell Harper everything dollhouse related if she is interested (I have to restrain myself from buying dollhouse furniture already for her- the tiny pots and pans get me every time!).  Mama said that i will enjoy watching her and helping Dell Harper use her creativity building her own things far more than buying them.  This is probably true, because as much as I would like to be decorating with an unlimited budget (or even a loose one!), I love re-purposing old things, working on a tight budget, and finding good deals even more.  It probably stems from all that time painstaking fashioning rugs out of potholders and bunk beds out of giant boxes of matches for that dollhouse, instead of having a massive amount of tiny little perfect furniture.

I much confess however, I still am perusing lots of dollhouse furniture on Ebay. . . maybe the repainting and fixing will someday make Miss Priss a flea market aficionado?


  1. I love the preview shots you shared - the color of the cabinets is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of what you're working on. Sweet story about you and the dollhouses too - I never had a dollhouse, but I did have the huge 3 wing Barbie Dream house and I tried to "repaint" it to give it a more muted color scheme when I was 11.


    2. DH'S CRIB!!!

    And yes, both deserve caps AND exclamation points.

  3. i am ITCHING to see the finished product...oh yes the dollhouse stuff--it is just TOO sweet.

    my papa built me a house to play in when i was little and i spent all day in there...and yes, my gran even sewed curtains for the windows and i had flowerboxes on the front porch--oh how i miss those days!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I am in love with your kitchen! Can't wait to see the final reveal. I recently gave my daughter my old doll house. I think I want to play with it more than she does!

  5. Looks fabulous!!! I love the color you picked for the cabinets!

  6. It's looking so good Samma! That red crib is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. So cheery and bright. I can't wait to see more pics!


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