Feb 4, 2013

Magic Pants, Part 2, Magic Cleaner, and Bubbles!

I am over the moon for these Old Navy compression workout pants.  I have the boot-cut, the tights, and the capris.  I have even found myself doing laundry in order to wear these workout pants again and again, rather than slumming it in my Target ones (which are actually more pricey).  Anyway, something about the compression fabric makes your bottom half look incredible.  Seriously, any bumps or lumps in the booty or thighs is just smoothed right out.  Call up the sisterhood, because these are truly the magical pants.

Also, can I just tell you how much I am loving my new work from home uniform?  I am that mom who stays in her workout clothes all day, and I am reveling in it.  I mean, years of structured suits and pumps and panty hose?  It feels so good to be in washable play clothes. Eventually I will start dressing like a normal adult (I hope), but elastic waistbands are currently my closest friend.

Dell Harper likes something a little more blousony, personally, but is also into the play clothes.  She is into everything, which means I am going through bottles of Baby Oxiclean like nobody's business.  A friend gave me some at my shower, and I internally scoffed that I probably wouldn't ever use it since I was positive I was having a girl. HA! I am now on my third bottle of the spray.  It is the best!

Dell Harper did a little modeling for my friend Colleen's clothing company, Little Hoot Designs.

I just can't wait to order the seersucker bubble she modules, and the ruffle one with the rick rack trim.  Anyway, they have adorable children's clothing at great prices.  Check out their website here- http://littlehootdesigns.blogspot.com/

I have the toughest time finding clothes for Dell Harper that aren't mini teenager clothes, neon, black, or emblazoned with slogans, or logos.  Trunk shows and Baby Boden are about it for me, but sometimes you need to go out and buy something on the spot (like when your child is all of the sudden busting out of 12 month, but too small for 18 month).  Do y'all have any secret places for finding simple, sweet children's clothing that won't bankrupt me?


  1. I just got an email that said Old Navy is having a sale today and I must have these pants. Dang it.

  2. You are a skinny minnie! I'm probably better off in Dell Harper's adorable blousy pants outfit with my legs and rear but I'll have to check out these magical Old Navy pants anyhow as I've yet to find that outfit in my size. :)

  3. I need to get some of those magic pants. My lower half needs all the magic it can get. Ha!

    Zulily has some cute stuff daily, some of which are smocked, etc.

    I like Baby Gap, Gymboree and Janie & Jack for my little guy Owen.

  4. First off I'm so jealous. I would love to spend my days in workout clothes/jeans/leggings. I am feeling so done with pencil skirts and tights/hose right now it isn't even funny.

    second--oh I love buying baby clothes!!! Granted I have never seen an actual baby in smocked anything in Eugene Oregon. Organic cotton tie dye, why yes, smocking, not so much. However, that aside we love Zutano, some le top (some of it is just over the top with the ruffles) and some baby gap but here I have to be careful because of the teenager effect. I also love oshkosh and Margot spends many days in oshkosh overalls over a simple long sleeve onsie. We also do a lot of simple carters/oshkosh leggings with fun tops. And we do some gymboree but again it's harder to find stuff that says baby not 14 yr old. And for special occasions I love hannah anderson. We have a hannah anderson boutique in portland that Margot and I just love to visit when we are up there. For shoes we are all about the see ki run smaller, adorable and perfect for early walkers.

  5. I will have to check out these pants you speak of!

    Speaking of Old Navy, it's actually one of my favorite places for cheap play clothes - half of it is absolute garbage, but they usually have cute printed dresses / tunics -- Hanna Anderssonesque, but way cheaper.

  6. Must try the magic pants! I have no good suggestions for suitable play clothes- most of what I find is too sassy or too cheezy looking. We do not have a Janie&Jack here, but we've been gifted with a few sweet outfits from there. I do love that ruffle bubble DH is modeling! Do you happen to know if it wrinkles badly? I ordered one last summer from one of those facebook sites. It was precious, but it was a beast to iron!

  7. I bought those pants in the capri version and I AM IN LOVE!

    As for kids clothes, I am with you...no black, no mini adult clothes...I love miniBoden, but also Carter's has some pretty good basics as well as OshKosh. Also, Target can be hit or miss, but the other day I got the cutest dress that is cotton on the top half and mint seersucker on the bottom half!

  8. So I saw your post and ventured off to get some if these magic pant. I already love them. Compression? Yes please


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