Feb 25, 2013

Beauty on a Budget (Part 1)

I've noticed in the past couple years that my makeup, skin and hair care products have been on a decline in price.  Instead of Neiman Marcus and Sephora, I'm much more likely to picking up my stuff at Walgreens or Target.  I think it's a combination of increased quality on their part and increased cheapness on my behalf.

Anyway, I was recently having my makeup done, and the markup artist recommended the E.LF. all over color stick in pink lemonade.  From Target.  Cost?

One dollar.

Sign me up please!

I keep this in my purse to add a little rosy to my cheek when needed.

What else?
 I am on my second or third case of this gorgeous eyeshadow set from Almay.  It is amazingly versatile- I use the lighter shades during the day, then really amp it up for a smoky eye at night.

Another Target find is this Pixi cheek gel.  It's a bit pricey, honestly, but ideal for this fair, pink skinned gal.  It stays on forever, looks super natural, and a rosy flush on one's cheek is really flattering to everyone!

I've told you about Loreal's BB Cream.  It rocks.  I highly recommend it.  My sister in law describe fit aptly as a game changer.

I also an enjoying this Loreal mascara.   This is working.  Not miracles, but working.  I have not mastered the drugstore mascara yet.  I need help.  This one is doing the trick for now.  I now everyone raves about the Maybelline Great Lash, but it does nothing for me.  I have tiny eyelashes.  They are short.  They are blonde. They are lame.  So I need suggestions.
Also, please excuse my grommety messy bathroom counter.  I snapped these while frantically getting ready before Miss Priss awoke this morning.

What are your drugstore miracles?  I will share skincare and hair products later this week, and I can't wait to hear what secrets y'all have to share.  Watch out, CVS!


  1. check out NYX cosmetics...online and at ulta! they are similar in price to ELF and work wonders!! the primer is JUST like my smashbox favorite and WAY less money...and for mascara, i use maybelline falsies and it helps a lot!

  2. Loreal Voluminous in Blackest black mascara is amazing!

  3. I need a makeover. STAT. Intrigued by this almay eye shadow. Is it shimmery?
    I need a good cheek color! Trying these out.

  4. I love Maybelline Full & Soft mascara (NOT the waterproof). I have short stubby blonde lashes also, and this mascara seems to give me an "oomph" without looking spider-y. I also picked up some random mascara in an orange tube from Ulta that has pleasantly surprised me with how well it is working. (Full & Soft is still my go-to.)

  5. Ooh, you're so close with the L'Oreal! Try the "collagen extra volume" mascara. I swear by it!!

  6. I need to pay more attention to the beauty lines at Target! I've been stuck in a (expensive) rut with my department store cosmetics and only recently discovered comparable drugstore brands. Thanks for your recc's. I'll have to check out some of that stuff!

  7. Here's my two cents: use an eyelash primer! L'Oreal has one. Layer that one on your lashes first, then use the mascara that you showed above (which is one of my favorites). Their primer isn't the cheapest but I really think you'll be pleased with your results!

  8. Two things: I swear by Maybelline Volume Express mascara - the classic one in the navy blue tube. I've tried higher-end brands and that one is still my favorite. I also like their Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner. I was going to recommend the CVS brand purifying mint mask but it looks like they've discontinued it - too bad 'cause it was cheap and awesome! Hope that helps... :)


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