Feb 15, 2013

Owning It

This post was originally going to be about helping me decide whether to reuphostler these chairs in something nice and neutral.

Like this:

Or this

I was thinking a white indoor/outdoor fabric, that could be wiped down.  I have four of the chairs, from my favorite furniture store, my parents' house.  Plan was to reupholster them and stain them dark, like the first example above.  Two would go in my living room now, and eventually I would use all four in a kitchen or playroom around a round table (which currently resides at my favorite furniture store).

So I went to the local fabric store and started browsing.  And happened upon this lovely yellow and greyish brown leopard print fabric.  Discounted.  

I try so hard to be neutral, and pattern free, then something like this happens.

First, a little unplanned tour.  Ignore the mess and lack of styling.

That door is my front door, which opens into the living room.  We use the living room all the time.  Miss Priss has her basket of toys in here, and loves to watch the birds out the big window.

This antique pie safe is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture.  It, of course, came from my my favorite store.

This is the view from the sofa.  Ignore the mess.

 See how wrinkly that slipcover is?  It wasn't like that earlier in the day, but I did hear a thump, thump when I walked into the room

Hmmm. That innocent face doesn't fool me.  But, as you can see, this room has a lot going on.

This end of the room is what's in progress.  The two chairs will flank an occasional table that is to be determined.  Baby cage and ripped off door (girl is a toddler now, yo) are not part of the decor.

So back to the dilemma.  I tried to fight my love of pattern and color, but I just need to be myself.

Oh, I just love it.  Sigh.  Imagine it piped in that grayish brown?  Now I won't have to stain the chairs.  At least not for a while.

So, am I absolutely insane?  Answer with impunity, I know the answer is yes.  A little crazy, bright, and patterned. It may not be what's happening, but it's me.


  1. DO IT! Absolutely do it. I own an orange sofa. I can't WAIT for patterned upholstery someday and I think the cheetah is very chic. Great pick!

  2. I love it. Are you surprised? Also I have a pie safe too! But mine is in storage.......

  3. Do it! Love, love, love that fabric. And it's discounted? No brainer.

  4. It looks so good, you have a great eye! And I still consider it neutral-ish. It's not like it's a big, bold color. I love mixing prints, it adds interest and warmth to the room.

  5. I like it. I think its eclectic and beautiful.

    You know, sadly, someday there will not be "stuff everywhere" and there will be no baby gate :( and the chairs.

  6. Love the fabric. Don't even know what there was to think about :)

  7. Do it! That fabric would look great in there! :)

  8. Do it for sure!! Agreed with comment above, it is still neutral. They usually have great looking zebra prints in those colors as well (since the leopard is discontinued). Or a fun geometric could always work since your only geometric, it looks like, is the large scale on the rug. I'm sure you already know this but you can order fabric online at Lewis & Sheron, they have a lot of good stuff! Love the "favorite furniture store."

  9. I just love how much color you have in your home! Your home looks so inviting so I think a little "animal chic" will work well. It might hide "love marks" from your sweet daughter and dog;)

  10. This is random and off-topic, but where did you get that awesome rug in your living room? I'm a new reader (found you through Kate's blog), so please forgive me if you've answered this a million times before. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Suze- I don't mind at all, I searched high and low to find the perfect rug for this room. This one is from Bliss Home, a store here in Knoxville. It was very, very reasonable priced, and holds up well with large, crazy furballs, and a messy toddler. I have seen very similar ones from Shadesoflight.com so try there too!

  11. I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!!


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