Feb 18, 2013


1.  First of all, thank you so much for all the love on my animal print.    Apparently, I am just like the leopard and can't change my spots (harharhar).  You just can't hide your true colors, I suppose.  But lesson learned- be yourself.  Even if that self is not a trendy, pinterest perfect room full of neutrals.

I was going through my files in an attempt to procrastinate reviewing documents this weekend, and found this before picture of how the living room looked when we first looked at the house.

I get depressed just thinking about the posters that were on the wall.  Adults- please refrain from any sort of poster on your wall. Go to the local art show/high school/thrift store and buy some real art.  Support a person- not a corporation (rants the child of an artist).

The living room is the only room in the house that we have not done a major change- not even paint (although I am dying to repaint, but can't justify the expense).  Currently, bids are being secured on a major expansion to the master bedroom and bathroom.  Apparently, I have to remodel my house every year.  Good thing my parents' house is spacious, and they welcome us moving in with them for weeks at a time.

2.  In other exciting news, Duck Dynasty is back with a new season on February 27th!

Happy, happy, happy.

3.  I plan on lolling in my new perfect pjs from Target, as soon as I get done with a couple never-ending work projects.   They are knit- so ideal for this weather.  Too close to spring for flannel- I just can't handle flannel right now.  There are bathing suits everywhere!  But my crisp bright springy pjs just aren't cutting the mustard. There is snow on the ground.  One must be sensible.

So, knit it is.  And piping.  There are other fun color options, so go nuts.

4.  Is anyone an Aziz Ansari fan?  He is Morgan and I's favorite.  We watched a special on Netflix the other night, and I was just hooting at this section.  I love a high thread count sheet, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Southern Living, so I felt like the target audience for this bit.

5.  Most exciting of all?

BEYONCE's documentary!  It was fantastic.  I totally cried.  Morgan was bemused (at me, not Bemused at Beyonce.)  Anyway, the Mrs. Carter tour is coming to Nashville and Atlanta this summer.  A month or so my birthday, in fact. I have mentioned this to Morgan approximately a hundredy-million times.  We shall see.  If you run into Morgan, please don't fail to mention that Beyonce tickets are a perfect 32nd birthday gift.  If he doesn't want to go with me, that's fine.  I have friends.

Kinger- I think you will be giving birth during the Atlanta show, otherwise I would request tickets for us for my birthday.


  1. i bought 2 pairs of those pjs for hospital glamour when i had cc and they were AMAZING!!!!

    p.s. i'm with you on beyonce...we're planning to go to the one in nashville!!!

  2. Oh I love your house. Lotta soul and personality which is so much more fun that all neutral :)

    And I'm taking your pj tip next time I'm at target. Love me a good pajama set!

  3. Oh… and we love Aziz too - I listen to him on Pandora and crack up!


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