Jun 25, 2014

Conversations with Dell Harper (Part 2)

So we were reading the Frozen book once again the other night, and I asked Miss Priss if she knew what a true love's kiss is- obviously, it has been mentioned frequently, as we read the book every single night.

DH:  (shrugs) "I dunno know, Mommy."

Me:  "Your true love is the person you get married to- like Daddy is my true love."

DH:  "Okay, Mommy."

Me:  "Who do you want to marry?  Jack?"

DH:  (giggling)  "Nooooooooo."

Me: "Charlie?"

DH: (still giggling) "Nooooooo."

This goes on for a while as I name every boy she knows.  I even scrape the bottom of the barrel and ask about Daddy or Deeds.  No's abound, until-

DH:  "I want to marry a ro-baa!"

Me: (confused)  "A robot?"

DH:  "Yes, Mommy! I marry robot!!! I your true love, me, Daa Happaar! I Mommy's true love!"

Obviously, she is a genius- she wants a live-in robot to pick up after her for her adult life, and tops this off with a super suck-up sweet comment to her current picker-upper.  The girl is destined to live a life of leisure at this rate.


  1. LOL! Who needs a real husband when you could have a robot husband to do all your work for you :) Toddlers know what's up!

  2. Love it! You have to save this one for the books! My brother told my mom he wanted to marry Molly, the family dog, when he was about Dell Harper's age. Because he loved her more than any of us (duh). He's still not married so....


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