Jun 24, 2014

Thoughts on Paint

Ooh, I have been having so much fun picking out paint colors for the new house.  I adore color, but the current walls are rather, um, bold for my taste.  Bold and dark and high gloss.  Not a great combo.  The main areas of the house- kitchen, keeping room, and family room are totally fine.  The rest?  Well, I immediately got out my paint deck when our offer was accepted and started dreaming.

This post is totally boring to those of you who don't love paint.  I'm sorry.  When I was a little kid, I loved leafing through a paint deck and savoring the name of each color- I end to get really nerdy about paint.  Moving on-

1.  Pale Oats- I have never seen this peachy hue used before, but it's in our current master bathroom and I adore it.  Ladies, I have bags under my eyes like you've never seen, but this background manages to make me look rosy and alive.  I'm repeating it in our new master bathroom, which is rather dark.  Highly recommend for any bathroom- super flattering and warm, without being overwhelmingly, 80's style peach.

2.  Revere Pewter- you've heard about this color ad nauseam, I know.  It's in our current master, an excellent foil to the warm Pale Oats, and looks great with my red iron bed.  There you go.  It will be replacing mustard yellow.

3.  Hazelnut Cream- my go-to neutral. I covered our condo in this shade, used it in our mudroom, kitchen, and family room here, and now will use it in the entry, upstairs hall, guest bathroom, powder room and my office space in the new house.  People always ask me the name of this paint- it has just the right amount of both brown and pink.  It warms up a room, but stays firmly in the background.

4.  Hawthorne Yellow- this is a new one for me.  I adore all the historical colors collection from Benjamin Moore, and this color comes highly recommended.  I love a good yellow- hopefully it will work, for the small, dark and dreary kids' bathroom and the currently pea-green laundry room.

5.  Camouflage-  another new-to-me shade, I plan on using this in the formal living room (currently a non-offensive light blue, that is just not me) and dining room (currently an offensive high gloss cobalt blue). This is a lighter and greener gray than the Revere Pewter.

6.  Palladian Blue- same as current nursery.  I love this hue, and it is super popular, so obviously I am neither alone nor original.  It's going to be great in Deeds' new nursery, and will transition well when he gets a big boy room.  It's replacing a baby poop brown.

7.  Guilford Green- normally I use Georgian Green (our laundry room cabinets and DH's current room, plus our kitchen in the condo), but this is a bit lighter and the guest bedroom seems a little dark.  We shall see how it looks.  It's replacing a bright purple.

8.  Love and Happiness- Dell Harper's new room.  Pinks are tough, but this one has excellent reviews.  Pink little girls' rooms can be super annoying, so I hope this works.  If it looks like a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I will be hitting up the paint decks anew.  The fact that it's named after my favorite Al Green song is a sign in its favor.

All colors are Benjamin Moore.  Nothing is sponsored.  If someone wants to, however, I'm completely down with that.  Paint gets expensive, yo.  Especially when you are going to have to do 5 billion coats of primer to eradicate the current colors.

In the saving money department, I found a Baker dining room table and chairs for $250 off Craigslist a couple weekends ago.  It is beautiful!  I also found barely-used moving boxes and supplies which I am looking at this week.  Morgan did not share my enthusiasm when I showed him the moving supply post, while jumping up and down.  The boy obviously does not understand how those boxes get pricey, and that liquor store boxes ain't gonna cut it for our fine china and other assorted wares.  This is not college, mister.

Finally, an anonymous commenter left a comment on Friday's post containing my new address and admonishing me to think of my safety.  Although the commenter could have probably been a bit gentler in his/her warning, they were in fact, completely correct.  I was being a moron.  In my naiveté and excitement, I did not heed caution when putting up a picture of my soon-to-be (fingers crossed) front door.  I truly appreciate the comment and warning, even though it called me a moron- that definitely caught my attention, which was needed!  So thank you, commenter!!  (that looks sarcastic- it is not.)


  1. You're too kind. The anonymous commenter could have sent you an email with a polite warning if they were looking to help. Posting your address in a public forum is NOT helpful. People can be such jackwads.

    I'm impressed by your decisiveness with paint colors. I agonized over colors until the night before the painter showed up to get the paint order. And then still changed a couple rooms on him mid-painting. Yay for great Craigslist finds! Loving these new house/decorating posts!

  2. i'm with you on the paint fascination...i love how you tell us what color it's replacing...HAHAHAHA!!!! and look at you all on top of things already. come on down to nash and help me considering we still have beige walls everywhere=YUCK.
    and p.s. you're not a moron, you're excited and i probably would have done the same thing. oh wait, i already did :/

  3. Can I hire you when I buy a house and need colors? I get totally and completely overwhelmed by paint swatches. I'm completely floored by your choices and I want to paint something Pale Oats riiight now.

  4. I'm THE WORST at picking paint colors even though I love doing it (that's a missing stanza from an Alanis Morissette song, I'm sure of it) -- bookmarking this post for future reference!

  5. I actually stopped blogging for the safety of my family. It is not difficult for someone to figure out where you live if you post your last name and in today's world even using your first names and the city you live in. There is another blogger that won't post her last name but will tell you every race she's run and the time she ran it in so if you wanted to know her last name its there in the race results (I'm a runner too). Lastly- it drives me crazy when bloggers post that they are going out of town beforehand- THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT SAFE. Sorry to rant, but it's bad enough that strangers steal blogger photos and use them as their own family I hate to think what could happen when it goes another step further.


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