Jun 20, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  So due to our recent upcoming, unplanned-for, large expense, I have been trying to buckle down with my expenditures, i.e. not buying stupid crap at Target or more clothes for the kiddos off Zullily.  I've also been trying to eat up everything in our freezer and pantry- lessening our load when we move, and saving money.

I had pinned this recipe on Pinterest, and realized that I had all the ingredients on hand.  Miracle of miracles.  I added mushrooms, doubled the artichokes (also, I used frozen), and tripled the seasoning- salt, pepper and Italian spices.  It was pretty tasty!

 2.   The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story coming to a TV near you on Lifetime Labor Day. I have nothing else to add (except hell to the yeah).

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3.  I have been searching for some darn Mu Shu Pork since the minute I recovered from my morning sickness with Deeds (so coming on a year now).  Unfortunately, there is nary a non-suspicious restaurant in my town that serves Mu Shu Pork anymore.  The really authentic place closed, P.F. Changs took it off their menu, and the remainder of the places in town are really sketchy.  I even drove out to the super suburbs to try a clean seeming place with high ratings that had Mu Shu on the menu.  It was super blah, tasted only of sodium, and I almost cried.  I was pregnant at the time, in my defense.  ANYWAY, some new place, Fulin's has opened up, and they actually have MU SHU PORK on the menu.  My enthusiasm is overwhelming!  At least to poor Morgan- he has been hearing me talk about Chinese food every few hours for two days now.  I'm getting it tonight, by damn.

It's in Nashville and a bunch of other places- are my high hopes unwarranted?  Have any of y'all eaten at this place?  Should I dash my dreams of the perfect plum sauce now?  How I wish that Saved By the Bell Lifetime movie was already out.  I would have a hot date with some Chinese takeout and my couch.

4.  I'm not really sure how to follow that ode to my quest for Mu Shu pork, but here we go.  I recently came across this study that babysitting grandkids helps prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. I immediately shared it with my mama, as I have been selflessly helping prevent her getting those diseases the past week or two.  With a busy work schedule, showing the house, and training to be a deacon, her dementia prevention is really going strong.  You are welcome, Mama.  I am so happy to help your mental health!*

5.  Through all this craziness and stress, I keep driving by the soon-to-be new house (fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed).  I know it will all be worth it.  And hey- the last couple of pounds of baby weight will likely melt off when I am subsiding off pinto beans for the next few years.

Speaking of houses, someone anonymous creepo commenter commented just my address on my house tour post yesterday.  Do you think that was some weird spam thing, or just a stalker-y weirdo?  I'm hoping the former.

Whelp, I better wrap up this incredibly random post- I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  Thanks ladies for hosting the link up!

*Mama, in all seriousness, I could not have survived the past two weeks without you.  Thank you  bunches and bunches for all your help!!


  1. That artichoke pasta sounds awesome! And just the sort of thing I shouldn't have since the doctor made a nice comment about my weight gain at my appointment this morning. Thanks for ruining my weekend, pal! I was really hoping to have a donut.

    Is that the new house? It's gorgeous! Hope you enjoy your mu shu pork!

  2. The stalker weirdo thing is definitely stalker weirdo-ish!!

    I am SO pumped for the SBTB movie. This was all over my FB yesterday and I can't wait!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Dang, so I guess that's why the post was gone when I went to comment on how much I LOOOVE it! #weirdossuck


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