May 4, 2015


Eating: A snack plate for lunch.  I'm planning on enjoying it whole-heartedly. Cured meat is truly the way to my heart.  Let's hope all the nitrates/fat/whatever don't linger in my heart/arteries/wherever.

Drinking- this fabulous Kroger find.
Same nutritional stats as La Croix, if you are interested.  So refreshing.

Wishing: I was out and about in a cute dress, and drinking said beverage-find with a splash of gin.

Feeling: frustrated with a work project, and with my little patient.  I'm not good at couch-sitting.  Napping, yes.  Couch-sitting, no.

Dreaming: about this amazing pizza-  (don't mind the plastic grasshopper in the background #foodstyling).

Here's the description:
Our house-made dough is hand stretched and tossed and then covered as a base with Holly's house-made Cauliflower Hummus mixed with Holly's house-made Tahini Vinaigrette. Then we lay on Holly's House made Lamb Meatballs - with thyme and mint mixed in them. A sprinkling of diced tomatoes and onion are added, with a helping of Bulgarian feta cheese right before its fed into our 750 degree wood fired oven.
When this beauty comes out of our oven it's then topped with Arugula, that has been hand tossed with Holly's Tahini Vinaigrette and then the whole thing is topped with Cruze Farm Ricotta Cheese Crumbles.
Thank you Hard Knox Pizza and Holly Hambright for making my Sunday evening extremely tasty.  I could eat a vat of that Tahini Vinaigrette.

Regretting: that I don't order some trashy British potboiler to enjoy during the aforementioned couch-sitting.

Hoping: I don't look like a dork in my new hat snagged at Cost Plus World Market.

At least I will look easy-breezy in my new kaftan.  On sale now, so go get one!
Whelp, back to my pitiful little patient.  The amount of screen time she has had during this recovery seems like a recipe for ADD for sure, but maybe it doesn't count if the watcher is on drugs?  Let's hope!

With apologies to Katie for stealing one of her formats, and not doing it nearly as well.

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