May 1, 2015

Five on Friday- Assorted and Sundry

1.  We are chugging along without tonsils over here.  Dell Harper was such a trooper- I was really proud of my girl.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I'm already sick of nursing, and it's only day 2.  I will do a big post about the entire process once we get through the recovery a bit- reading other people's experiences really helped/terrified me before.

2.  French Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts from the Splendid Table

MAKE IT NOW!  I subbed pecans in for the walnuts, but that's it.  DELICIOUS!! And somewhat bathing suit friendly. . .

3.  Speaking of suits, I found a winner.  And it's not a two-piece (goals not met).  But it's a somewhat revealing one piece!  Does that count?  It's cute and comfortable, and I can eat a BLT for lunch and drink a beer in it.  Needs met.

Anyway, I got it from Modcloth, but it's sold out.  However, I put my google machine to work, and found it at Belk and Swim Outlet.  And they have other colors!  So cute on, I swear!

When I am dealing with the kiddos, or it's time for some shade, I love this rash guard from Land's End. It looks cooler than Land's End, right?

So when I set out to buy a bikini, I end up with essentially a long-sleeved one piece.  OLD LADY ALERT.

4.  Read this article about WWII resurrecting F. Scott Fitzgerald's career.  It's fascinating- especially the books for soldiers program.  As an inveterate reader, I can't wait to research this more.  Spreading the love of books to the troops!  Oh, you, Greatest Generation.

5.  My other favorite lunch besides the lentils?

Graniac break topped with a cucumber-dill spread (grated cukes, Greek yogurt cream cheese, a dab of mayo, and fresh dill), then cucumbers, and slivers of smoked salmon.  So refreshing!

Okay, off to watch more cartoons with my girl while Deeds is napping.  Managing 2  while nursing one is wearing me down.  As is physically restraining her to get meds down her throat.  As is sitting on the couch for hours on end.  Poor little girl, and poor me.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks to the Five on Friday ladies!


  1. I've been having GREAT success with Lands End recently - it's got a fuddy duddy reputation but I am loving everything I get from them.

    Wishing DH a swift recovery!

  2. I feel like SUCH a M-O-M with my ever-growing rash guard collection! But I just tell myself it's never uncool to have wrinkle-free skin.

    I hope DH is back to her spunky self soon -- I feel like lounging on the couch for a day sounds heavenly...until I'm 3 hours in and want to stab my eyeballs out!


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