May 19, 2015

Summer Reading

I just finished reading You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz

I'm awful at book reviews so here is what the Washington Post had to say-

“You Should Have Known” is a flat-out compelling psychological suspense tale that reminds us that smart women (precisely because they’re blinkered by their own brainpower) sometimes can make the most foolish choices. Not only is Grace a sought-after couples therapist in Manhattan, but she’s the author of a forthcoming “very hot” self-help book also called “You Should Have Known.” When the novel begins, Grace is being interviewed by a reporter from Vogue; the “Today” show and “The View” are also on her publicity schedule. As she explains to the reporter, the argument of her book is that women should heed their doubts because once they pick the wrong man, no amount of therapy will fix the marriage. 

It was a great summer read- I stayed up way too late to finish.  Poor Morgan definitely got the stink eye from me after reading the book, as I sized him up, trying to unravel any dark, hidden secrets from his past.  I didn't find any other than a chronic forgetfulness when it comes to trash removal.

I just picked up The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu by Dan Jurafsky from the library and I am enthralled.  As a word-nerd and a food-lover, the combination of the two seasoned with a sizable amount of history and statistics?  Be still my beating heart.  It is fascinating.

Finally, I have 9 hours left (out of thirty-six total) in my audio book version of Greg Iles' latest, The Bone Tree.  I highly recommend Iles' books for all- great literary thrillers, mostly set in the South.  The Quiet Game, the first novel with Penn Cage as the protagonist, is an excellent place to begin.  

Anyway, The Bone Tree is keeping me busy- tonight I have cleaned my house, done lots of laundry, made dinner for a friend whose daughter was in a serious car accident, and cleaned the kitchen, just to listen to more of my book.  I'm all about that spoonful of sugar to help my medicine go down, friends.

Now, I'm ready for some suggestions as my stack is dwindling, as is the remaining hours on my audio book.  I read everything, so load me up!


  1. Thanks for these! I just finished "The Girl on the Train" and loved it! I've been looking a good book to follow it.

  2. Once again, I cry "I WANT A BOOK CLUB!" I wish so much we could chat about You Should Have Known because I loathed it. Like, would have tossed it at the wall had I not read it on my iPad sort of loathed it. It's always more fun to discuss books when opinions differ, I think. I'm currently reading All the Light We Cannot See. It's as good as everyone says. It's the first book I've found time to read since returning to work so it's all I have for current recommendations. Audio books are such a great idea - I'll have to get some from the library.

  3. I totally second the vote for All The Light We Cannot See. I was seriously enthralled, and I'm more of a chick-lit person to begin with. A+

  4. Girl on the train was a good read, also just started The luckiest girl alive.

  5. Triple recommend ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE. I wept when it was over since I never wanted it to end. Also liked UNBECOMING By Rebecca Scherm and LILLIAN ON LIFE by Alison Lester. I have the PDF galley version of UNBECOMING if you'd like me to email it to you for a free read!


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