Sep 9, 2015

Deep Thoughts

Oh, I think I would be so frightfully organized if I had a personal assistant.  Wouldn't these piles of paper threatening to take over my office be delightfully filed away?  My dry cleaning carefully picked up on time?  E-mails returned promptly instead of read on my phone and put on the "later" to do list?  Lining up babysitters? It would just be lovely.

In real life-

Scooting and biking are big around our driveway these days- especially for Deeds.  Any recs for a baby scooter?

We had a great Labor Day weekend, with football watching, fireworks, and the last day of the pool (BOO!!!!).

Dell Harper is getting into soccer a little more- or just posing and running around with her new buddy.

There is a spider in my refrigerator.  A really really big spider.  Maybe this will be a new diet plan?  Too bad I don't have a personal assistant to remove it for me.

*Update*  I just opened the fridge.  I can't find the spider.  Now I am really nervous.  This is what I get for going to the farmer's market.

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  1. badass fabric, details! yay for fall and getting back to "normal"!


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