Sep 14, 2015

Old Stuff

Is there anything more glorious than being in bed at nine o'clock on a Sunday night, with a clean kitchen, dishwasher, washer, and dryer all running, and a good book waiting?  I think not, my friends.

And with that, I will launch into other oldish stuff. . .

  • Thursday DH and I were headed to the library while Deeds was being schooled (part of special Dell Harper/Mama day).  On the way to library my girl conks out- (being strapped to a chair the only way she will submit to daytime sleep).  Right when I notice my tired girl is asleep, my phone rings- one of my best friends from college, who is the best phone talker I know (this is a well-known fact).  A full tank of gas, child who needs to be driven around for a needed-nap, an hour and twenty to spare, and a chatty old friend on maternity leave?  That even tops an early Sunday night.  Truly amazing.

  • We had a big Saturday, hence the early Sunday night.  Tailgated for hours, enjoyed beautiful weather, and a great first half for the Vols.  I don't want to give myself any frown wrinkles, so I will stop there. . .
At least the Dawgs won.

  • Standing on my feet for six hours was greatly enhanced by the application of an IcyHot patch.  Law, these things are heavenly.  My back has been killing me the last couple of weeks, but whew!  I was feeling no pain with that thing.  The beer I consumed probably helped as well, but I will chalk it up to my old person patch.
So there you go- old lady behavior, old friends, football-induced wrinkles, and IcyHot patches.  Looks ilke I hoit 34 and go waaaayyy downhill.

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  1. I love how you showed me the IcyHot patch. Sexy. Loved seeing you!!!


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