Sep 3, 2015

The End of Summer

So, I should just plan on taking summers off from blogging, as it's just impossible to sit down at the computer and get somewhat coherent thoughts written down.  The past two summers I have vowed to get a nanny to manage work and child-rearing, yet don't seem to get my act together.  Then I cobble together camps, babysitters, and wing it.  The perils of working from home.

But now school is back in! Life is back to routine, and things are getting done.  I am pleased.

This gorgeous fabric is about to become a bedskirt in my bedroom, for some much needed master bedroom updates.

I felt motivated and did these fun bug paintings in a burst of creativity.  My paint brush has laid dormant since.

 These kiddos really were fired up for the first day of school.

Deeds will miss the pool however  Especially the ice cream.
 This little boogah-bear just had his 18 month check-up before school started- major growth spurt, over here.

Dell Harper has started soccer.  She liked running through the tunnel and eating snacks at the end the best.  She petered out halfway through the game because she was "too sweaty".  Laying in the grass and stripping off clothing was involved, ha!
Now, today is DH's "special day" (gymnastics, library and a little chick-fil-a, while Deeds is in school).    Fridays are Deeds/mama special days while sister is in school).  Off to three year old adventures!

Glad to be getting back to blogging, and thank you to my kind commenter yesterday who lit a fire under me to get out the computer!


  1. I love that you get a special day with them each week! What a great idea! I'm trying to do that on Wednesdays with the kids - Mim gets mornings while Mac's in school and he gets afternoons. I love the soccer story! :) She is such a spitfire!

  2. Love that each kiddo gets a "special day" with mom! What a great idea!

    I feel you about blogging this past summer. I have been so inconsistent but want to post for the memories and stories but it's tough playing catch up!

    Glad y'all are getting into the swing of fall! We start school next week and I'm excited for the consistency it'll bring our weeks!

  3. 'bout time you got back to the blogging sphere. DH was so funny at the soccer game. After scoring a goal she was hot and sweaty and ready to hit the road. I loved holding Mr. Deeds hand as he climbed the railroad tie steps a gazillion times....great workout for his Gigi! Love that boy so much!!!

  4. Glad you'e back…Any good recipes? We're still enjoying the tomato tarts!

  5. Love the bed skirt fabric! Would you mind sharing its name?


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