Jan 25, 2016

A (Snow) Day in the Life

Ready for a long and exhausting day?  Try a snow day with an almost 2 year old, and almost 4 year old. . . (note, now that I'm on the other side of a Z-pac and a steroid pack, this day does not seem quite so daunting.  In the throes of an unrelenting, hacking dry cough that left bowed over, it was a bit hellish).

Last Tuesday night, based on the prediction of snow, the county cancelled school.  Which meant preschool is also cancelled.  I called into work, letting them know stuff would be delayed- drawbacks of working from home, pro of working for your family).

I was surprised to wake up to actual snow.

The kids were ecstatic  and wanted to dash out immediately, while I had to mull over where I had stashed snowsuits during last year's Amazon ordering frenzy.

I delay the cold-immersion by bribing them with pancakes and bacon, while I wake up with a chai tea latte, made with some chai tea and Cruze Farm's chai milk (amazing!!).  The kids watch some Disney Junior and drink milk.  Morgan is getting ready for work during the morning hubbub (I'm the morning person in the relationship).

My snow day outfit.  Old Navy sweat pants and slippers for the win, folks!

After breakfast it's off to the races.  We head up to the guest room, where the kids have created their own indoor gym.
Safety first!

Then we play hide and seek.

Buddy in the pillow pit.
After about and hour and a half of this I'm worn out.  I capitulate to demands for a "show" (my flagging energy is later explained by a bronchitis diagnosis a day later).

After 23 minutes of relative peace, we are back in business.  I get out the "messy sand" hoping it will help me get this laundry folded.

It's only 10:00 AM at this point.

I get the laundry folded, and locate snow clothes.  We get dressed.  This takes approximately 49 minutes.  Seriously.

But then. . .SNOW!

Not enough for sledding yet, so the kids get out their ride-able scooter things.  We stay out for about an hour.

Lunch for all is lemon chicken soup from the freezer, oranges, and crackers.

Dell Harper has a clothing change due to enthusiastic soup consumption.  Deeds helps me vacuum up all the errant messy sand, while DH hides in her room.  He loves the "coom" and she hates it.

Then I get out the play dough.

I start to prep the dinners I'm making for friends who recently had babies, while they dough it up.

Then about 1:30, it's finally nap time for Deeds and rest time for Dell Harper.

The snow is coming down even harder.  DH settles in my bed for her allowed iPad time, while I dash into the dining room to dab some paint on a dream of a sunny pastoral day.

Then I get to work on French chickens in the pot for my baby dinners, along with pureed cauliflower and lemon garlic green beans.

I then join Dell Harper and cuddle up in my bed.  She works on a sticker letter/number workbook.

I peruse the latest Garden and Gun, and, perhaps, snooze just a bit.

After a solid 2.5 hour nap for Deeds, it's time for sledding.  I get everyone back in their gear.  Morgan arrives home from work, and joins us, before delivering the baby dinners for me.  Luckily they are both going to neighbors, so he doesn't have to drive too far.

I get everyone out of snow clothes, and the kids play while I get our dinner together.  Chili and tamales from the freezer.  Have I mentioned how much I love a well-stocked freezer yet? Ha!

We all devour dinner- starting without Morgan who is still out delivering food. Normally we all eat together, but we are STARVING from all the sledding.  He gets back and I make him a plate. Kiddos run around a bit more, while I clean up and Morgan eats.

He puts Deeds to bed, while I take on Dell Harper.  Four books each, a few songs, and prayer, then lights out for both at 7.  Much like me, they are exhausted!

While Morgan takes a work call, I clean up the house, (dishes, countertops, sweeping, loads of laundry and dishwasher, putting up snow gear, etc.).  When we both finish up, we curl up on the couch in the family room and rent Straight Outta Compton.  Morgan and I both give it two thumbs up, then crawl into bed (while simultaneously wikipedia-ing Suge Knight).

After a couple pages of my book (some Aunt Dimity mystery nonsense, that was perfect for a snow day, and my depleted brain), I am out.  Ready for school tomorrow, right?

Ha, of course not- kids don't have school the rest of the week. . .ah, snow in the South.


  1. Now your DITL has me jealous for snow! Maybe not all the kid costume changes that I know are involved but I'd love just one or two nice snows a year! Leighton is still pretty miffed she didn't get to build a snowman on Christmas. Yeah, sorry kid... it was 80 degrees.

  2. yay for freezer meals. I need to see that finished painting!

  3. Can relate to pretty much this whole day :)
    -mom of almost 2&4 in South Dakota

  4. I love reading "Day in the Life" posts like these! Looks like a fun-filled day...I cracked up over your "It's only 10:00 AM at this point." Love Deeds little cookie monster hat!

    Would love a post sharing some of your go-to meals to take new moms. I always struggle to find something that's not another casserole, but also manageable to travel, reheat, etc!


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