Jan 22, 2016

Five on Friday

1.  Snow!

We are on day 3 of snow days (there is currently a teaspoon of snow on the ground, but whatever, school system).  It's been fun, but I'm ready to get back to a routine.  And work, since I'm about a week behind between the holiday on Monday and missing 3 more days of school.  At least today we can get out and about.

2.  Bronchitis

Compounding my chagrin at endless snow days?  A dry hacking cough that was keeping me up all night for the past week.  Convinced to go to the doctor finally by Morgan and my mom, I feel a lot better now that I'm on a steroid, prescription cough suppressant and antibiotic.  Thank the Lord for modern medicine!

3.  Local News Jazzercise Fame

I walked into 4:30 Jazzercise a couple weeks ago. It had been a nutty day, and although I usually leave the house with a modicum of makeup, this day I decided that I was just running to jazz, so I didn't need to bother.  Also hadn't bothered with washing my hair in 3 days or so (I had bathed in this interim, just not washed my hair).

Lo and behold, when I skulk into class, there are news cameras there.  To film us.  Exercising. Aerobicizing. Dancing.  Oh, law.  It was a disaster.  But too late to leave.

They were filming a segment on one of our token Jazzer-men, who turned 70 this week, and look about 55.

4.  Gap Breathe Tops

At least I was wearing my new favorite work out clothes- these soft cottony tops from Gap are amazing.

The perfect amount of fitted but not too clingy.  Pick one up on sale, and you will be smitten too.

5.   In addition to modern meds, this week I am also so thankful for my washer and dryer.  Snowy clothes in, then warm dry things out minutes later.  DH loves everything when it's "Soooo toasty!".  Me too, sister.

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  1. Glad you are on the mend! I love toasty clothes. Cool shirts! You are the 2nd friend to tell me about them. Clearly I need one.


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