Jan 13, 2016

Keeping Room Refresh

 So, if we win the Powerball (unlikely, as I don't buy lottery tickets), I am getting some new seating in our keeping room.

 Our poor bedraggled loveseats- purchased for $100 total, then slipcovered in Crypton material.  They have been through the Dell Harper, Deeds and Buddy wringer, and I'm finally ready to throw in the towel.

 It's  a small space, and I want seating to face the tv for our daily dose of Disney Junior, as well as the fireplace.  I'm firmly not a TV over the mantel type of gal, so I need some flexibility.

I think my kids might have mini-panic attacks when their couches disappear, but I think their own chair that swivels might be an adequate replacement.

I saw this picture in this month's Country Living, and then it popped up on Pinterest.  I was thrilled to discover it was some of Heather Chadduck's design- I just loved all of her work for both Southern Living and Cottage Living (RIP forever!).  Exactly what I want- four chairs and a ticking-like stripe.

Now, let's be realistic.  I have an almost 4 year old, and almost 2 year old, a big furry dog, and a messy husband.  This room is basically part of the kitchen.  Milk is going get spilled.  Snacks will be eaten.  I will try to be super anal about the new furniture, and it will last about a hot minute before we curl up with popcorn and a movie.  It's life.  And it's why I won't buy expensive upholstery for the next million years.

First up is the Larkin Swivel Glider from Ballard.  Love the navy stripe, which is machine washable.  Also, they are 15% off right now.  Shipping cost is $60 each.

Next up is the Birch Lane Allister Swivel Chair from Wayfair.  Not as stylish, perhaps.  But, $50 cheaper per chair, AND free shipping.  That adds up big time.  And even though I'm having to wait for a lottery win for this new seating, I still want to save some moolah.  See the aforementioned furball, husband, and children.

Finally, I love the lines of Sam Moore's Azriel Swivel Glider.
However, I don't like the fabric selection as much, so I would probably do something neutral like pictured above.  The price point is right in between the Ballard and the Birch Lane chairs, with free shipping.  

Basically, I just need to do some major research on washability versus Scotch guarding.  Also, I might want to check out our scanty selection around town to actually sit in some chairs.  Oh, and buy a lottery ticket.

Do y'all have any suggestions for me and/or advice on scotch-guarding protecting upholstery?

Suggestions along the lines of "no eating on the couch"  will be disregarded.  Just saying.


  1. we are taking some of our rugs to a protectant place tomorrow so they can professionally scotch-guard them... maybe something to look into???

  2. Just found your blog and am loving it already! Despite the fact that you are hoping to upgrade your keeping room, I must say it looks so warm and cozy!

  3. Great minds and all that: I just ordered swivel chairs for our living room to replace the monstrosity that is our leather couch from E's bachelor days (and his parents' house prior to that -- these suckers are old). Sadly, just two for now (the matching love seat, which is in slightly better condition and is somehow less of an eyesore, will stay for a while longer). I'm actually doing them slip covered in Sunbrella fabric -- which was a lot softer feeling than I anticipated! This is all through Pottery Barn so I'm pretty sure I'm being price-gouged, but maybe something to check out?

  4. We use something called Fiberseal here in Cincinnati. Company comes to apply and I've been really happy with it. You get spray product with it to help with spills etc. We hang out on our light yellow couch and loveseat all the time--accompanied by friends and pizza and big fat muddy puppy paws. Don't know if it's available in your neck of the woods, but it's been good

  5. You have to think of the arms and chairs just aren't comfortable for watching TV! Eventually you just want to recline. Those arms on the chairs look harsh. Not sure about the chair idea for curling up for a movie. I think you will hate it. Trust me!

  6. Winning the lottery is too improbably to make plans for some new furniture or anything else. It's better to pay some money away. I've been playing lotto in Australia more pr less regularly. Although the chances are even more promising than those in Powerball ( Australian lotto results) I've wasted enough money to furnish all my apartment.


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