Feb 3, 2016

My Imaginary Catalog Life (Part 128- Garnet Hill)

You know you are headed toward middle age when you imaginary life is based on the Garnet Hill catalog.  But seriously.  I'm all scruffy with no makeup remaining by the end of the day, in my slightly odoriferous workout clothes.  I'm awful at daytime casual.  Exercise clothes about sums up my daily uniform.  Apparently, I'm that mom.

In my dream life though, my messy hair looks like this, as does my outfits.

For example, I have pretty much this exact look.  However, it does not look like this on me.

 Oh, tra-la.  Just slightly dewy from my super intense hot yoga session.  In my super cute non-sweaty striped tank.

Oh, just loving on my pet.  I'm not rushing around getting kids ready for school while trying to sneak in work stuff and answer emails while Paw Patrol thrums in the background.
 I just really want this caftan.
 And this jacket.  Oh, and to look this polished and cute in my workout clothes.
I truly love Garnet Hill's swimsuits- great quality at a great price, and such darling prints.  Since I'm not a super tall skinny model, I have a feeling that this swim dress will make me look eighty-three years old.  

Apparently in my dream catalog life, I wear a lot of stripes.  And have a lot of free time.  Sounds good to me.

 I also wear a lot of cashmere without worry of how I'm going to hand wash it when I get snotted on.

And this obviously looks super cool on me, instead of ridiculous.


  1. You are too funny! I feel the same way and I am not even a mom yet! I would love to look that way (I am sure she smells great too) after a work out rather than the disheveled mess I actually do!

  2. J. Jill has been my jam over the past year. I officially dress like I am 15 years older than I am. I've caught my reflection in the mirror and wondered to myself "Who is that ahhhhdult?!"

    That knit maxi in the catalog pages... Girl. I'm ordering that right now.

  3. Ha! I showed the Eileen Fisher page to my husband last night and asked if he minded if I dressed like that all the time. It is truly middle-age crack. Although the bathing suits are more than I can bear right now.


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