Feb 10, 2016

Why I Quit Le Tote (another Unsponsored and very honest Le Tote review)

Okay, I didn't actually quit.  I put my account on hold for 9 months because the person I talked to made me feel guilty.  But in essence I quit.

This is why:

Here's my choices from a couple weeks ago.  I live in the South, but we still have winter!  I can't be gallivanting around in a t-shirt or cotton dress and sandals!  It's freezing outside.

So I go to switch some stuff out.  Here's some of my choices.

 Lots of darling dresses.  For summer time.  Or early fall, or late spring.  But January??
 The skirt situation is largely the same.

Here's some of my totes that I received.  I am super grateful that they introduced me to Lysee leggings- love them.

However, most of the stuff was what I could find that was available and remotely in season.  Not something I was dying to wear.

I think Le Tote is probably a great option if you are on the West Coast- seasonality might not be such a problem, and the shipping wouldn't take so long.

Yes- it's free two day shipping, but after I would take my package to the post office, my next tote wouldn't be ready to review until the next day.  Then, it wouldn't ship until late that day or the next.  Basically, if I sent a tote back on Monday, I would get my next one on Friday.

Also, since the packages are too large for my mailbox, I was having to go to the post office once a week.  Not my favorite thing to spend 30 minutes doing.

There were screwups with billing and shipping, also.  The Le Tote staff was always very nice in dealing with it, but with the time change and dealing with customer service- it was just more of a headache than I was prepared to deal with.

Finally, as I mentioned in my earlier post, the clothes.  A few winners, and some fun accessories, but overall, meh.  A lot of basic stuff.  I don't want to rent basic stuff- I will buy that!  I want fun, wild, trendy stuff for rental.  Or even just stuff like cute J. Crew tops for a night out without spending $88.  It's a great concept- maybe I should start my own for the South.  Ha, a little more colorful and preppy, and with all four seasons represented.  Well, mild winters at least.


  1. Exactly! If you start one, sign me up! You are spot on with your assessment for us gals in the South :)

  2. I've considered signing up for a service like this or StitchFix, but at the end of the day am so picky about my clothes, that I worry I wouldn't like anything! Your Southern model sounds great, though!


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