Feb 16, 2016

This and That (part Eleventy Billion)

  • I've told y'all how much I love the Gap Breathe tops.  Then I stumbled upon this new style.  I love it!  I wore it tied in the back- got a ton of compliments at Jazz.  And Gap is having a sale every other day it seems, just wait a hot minute if they're not on sale currently.

  • I read this oh-so condescending article in the New York Times, and its snakiness inspired me to make Mississippi Roast.  The sodium laden processed food kind, not the New York Times version.  I guess I got my back up a bit, ha!  It was surprisingly delicious.  Didn't help my quest for a smaller waistline at all, but that's okay.  We ate it over grits for dinner, then had it on hoagies with provolone cheese a couple days later for a yummy post swim lessons lunch.

  • Dell Harper got Candyland and Chutes and Ladders for her birthday.  She is into the board games!

  • Also, I bought her some baby workout clothes at Target and Old Navy.  This is what she sports for gymnastics.  Combined with new big-girl tennis shoes?  She looks way too grown up for my taste.  But super adorable (she's showing off her friendship bracelet here- hence the wrist action).

  • Also in game news she also received the Pie Face game.  Huge fan!  Deeds and I?  Not as much.

So that's about it over here.  Weather has been yuck, so we've been swimming at the Y a lot, hitting up open gym, and giving me stress wrinkles.  Hopefully it's almost over and school will be in for the foreseeable future.  Yesterday I had a babysitter for 6 hours, so I could work.  Being a work at home mom has a lots of unforeseen expenses during the winter months (it's still worth it though!).


  1. I am always looking for cute new tanks to wear to barre and I am tired of spending so much on Lululemon! I will have to check out Gap! Dell Harper is too cute in her workout wear!

  2. The NYT article was super condescending. The Perks have enjoyed that roast a time or two. I like the grits idea. Ugh i wish you guys were closer. Those are all on SS' hit list of games. Cute workout tank! Deeds does look like such a big girl pre-gymnastics!


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