Feb 1, 2016

Smoooooooooooky Party

 DH and her buddy checking out the Haunted House.  My girl had requested one that she could walk through, but this mama's time and energy ran out.

It was a great party, lack of haunted house notwithstanding.

 Deeds had a wonderful time- perfect way to celebrate his second birthday.

 Lots of princesses.

And superheroes, pirates and Buzz Lightyears. 

Dell Harper and I were witches.

 How old are you, Deeds?  "Twwwooo".

 And I wondered why my friends kept laughing when they saw me. . .

 This is how DH looked every time I saw her- a blur of activity.

 So I made tons of pigs in a blanket, cut up some Tostino's party pizzas, blueberries, carrot sticks, chips and pretzels.  I thought about getting all pinterest-y with cute, spooky food, then I got realistic.  Which was good, because there was a lot of kids there.  We got a half sheet cake for DH and one for Deeds, so they both got to blow out candles.  Then the kids got to "trick or treat" as they left, filling up paper bags with candy.  Sorry, parents!

Several tables were set up with stickers and crayons to decorate treat bags, as well as foam masks to decorate.

 Dell Harper said it was the best day of her life, and Deeds wouldn't quit doing his happy dance.  Mission accomplished, thanks to the dollar store and Oriental Trading.  And the bounce house rental place.

And maybe to Sam's Wholesale cake and Capri Sun.


  1. Adorable! What a fun theme to break up the winter doldrums! We are on the same party-planning page -- I just sent out Doc McS invites today and I'm pretty thrilled Party City has all the cheap-o decorations, etc I'll need. I'm sure Pinterest and Etsy could class up the character theme for me, but where's the fun in that?!

  2. I love your birthday party style, keeping it real (and fun)! Happy birthday to DH & Deeds!


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