Jan 26, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I went to Aldi the other day to pick up some groceries.  Honestly, I think I did it wrong.  I spent the same as I normally do, but didn't get much food.  Tips, please?

  • Don't you love when you turn to a cookbook page and it's stained and spattered?  Always a sign of a well-loved recipe.

 This is for Nathalie Dupree's Cajun Country Meatloaf.  It's the bomb.  I will share at some point.

  • Look at this cutie!  Tommy was just giggling and flirting last night instead of going to sleep.  I couldn't stop loving on him!

 He just transitioned out of swaddle and Rock N Play Sleeper into the crib and sleep suit for bedtime. It's going well so far!  I still have him in the Rock N Play for naps.

 Other biggies in Tommy world?  First day of "school" on Tuesday- he is going once a week.

And he's facing outward in the Baby Bjorn now!  So fun!

  • Finally, did y'all know that the Limited closed?  I am really bummed- they had great (machine washable) basics that were always on sale.  It was my secret mall store weapon.
  • I bought some bookshelves for the kids' room from a friend who is redoing her son's room.  I am overly excited about organizing books and toys.  Time for new bins!!
Deeds is also a fan!

Joining the girls for Thoughts on Thursday!



  1. Not sure what the Aldi secret is? I went for first time on Monday and totally spent less time as it's a smaller store and more or less knew what to buy, but I did take time to look at a lot of items. I spent $112 - almost 1/2 of what I'd spend at the regular grocery store. Got tons of pantry items (restocked all my entire baking cabinet), good dairy, fresh and frozen fruit, frozen items, snacks etc. Their dup for Pirate's Booty is awesome, as are the 'fauxmoa' GS cookie dup (and $1.79!). I'm bowled over by the prices and it's worth the distance (25-30min) for me.

  2. I'm not sure if I have a "secret", but here's how I do Aldi: I make my regular grocery list (I'll plan for 4-5 dinners, kid lunches, breakfasts) and go to Aldi first. I almost always manage to get 85% of my items there. (I usually don't buy my beef/chicken/pork there, or my more specific produce - although what produce they DO have is almost always great quality!) I find that for that percentage of my list, I can get out of there for right around $100, which would be almost double at Kroger. Then I usually hit up Costco/Fresh Market for the rest of the items on my list.

    It definitely takes some time to get used to the Aldi life. I prefer to go in the middle of a weekday when it's not busy so I can really take my time.

  3. I loved Aldi except for load cart, unload, they reload then you unload to pack stuff up then load in car to unload at home. Whew. Tommy is ADORABLE and is your mini me!!

  4. LOVE ALDI:) I can go there and get full groceries with meat and 2 bottles of wine for like 90 bucks. It would be 130 elsewhere. I actually do like the meat. Chicken is good - and I see them load if from Tyson boxes..... They also sell these frozen 1 pound packages of ground turkey for 1.99. I load up on those things and use them for stews and casseroles. You can buy so many things there like EVOO, coconut oil and nuts that would be expensive at other places but at ALDI are cheap. Again, I'm a big fan! And their wine selection is good, but they run out of the good stuff pretty often.

  5. i heard The Limited was going strictly online?!?!?!? guess not :(

  6. I save $ on Aldi when I stock up on items for the children (fruit pouches, "pirate booty", veggie straws etc). My kids go through that stuff so quickly and it really adds up at the regular store. I also get a lot of staples/pantry basics there as well as milk and sometimes chicken and meat. Bagging groceries with children in tow isn't fun so I try to plan my Aldi trips when I know they won't be with me...which also helps me plan ahead with what I'll buy there vs. Kroger, Sam's etc.

    Tommy is THE cutest. Really makes me miss having a teeny baby around!

  7. Try a bottle of their signature line (has a black label) salad dressing--House or Greek or even Three Cheese (sounds weird) --all delicious bc clove of garlic in bottle of bottle..seriously makes me eat more salads!! Their spices; any of their chocolates; cheeses;


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