Jan 17, 2017

Back in the Saddle

I am getting back to normal, and it's lovely.  Friday night I went to a girl's birthday dinner- we were thankfully in a backroom with doors.  There was a lot of laughter and talking for a good three hours.

Saturday was filled with kiddo birthday parties, so they got some socializing too.  And I got them to bed early, as well as myself.  We picked up one of the Little Big Meal Deals from The Fresh Market- now they have them all the time, not just Thursdays!  It was an Italian meatloaf ready to be baked, asparagus, and risotto mix.  Yum!

Sunday we headed to the bowling alley downtown to celebrate another birthday (this one was co-ed, but no husbands pictured).  It was a great party, followed by a delicious dinner at Emilia (one of my favorites if you are local- it's Italian and delicious!

Then last night I got to eat Naples and drink wine with my best friends from high school, which we do far too rarely.  We shut down the restaurant, and I laughed my tail off.  A perfect way to end the long weekend.


  1. Such a socialite!! I recognize some of those gals!!!

  2. One girls night out is great but three girls nights out seems PERFECT!


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